Dutch students develop CO2-free fuel from iron powder

CO2-Free Fuel - Iron Powder - Team SOLID YouTube

Team SOLID has built a proof-of-concept installation that generates heat and electricity. A team of students from Eindhoven University of Technology, who call themselves Team SOLID, are working on the development of a CO2-free fuel to replace industrial fossil fuel consumption in the Netherlands. Their method requires the burning of iron and they have built a proof-of-concept installation for the incineration of iron powder. The residual product resulting from the incineration process is fully recyclable. In addition to the team’s innovative sustainable technology producing a CO2-free fuel, the residual product…

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Canadian city to improve transit service with fully eclectic buses

Electric buses - Transit Bus in Winter

The Edmonton Transit Service is replacing aging diesel buses with cleaner alternatives. Edmonton has stuck a deal with American automotive and energy storage company, Proterra. The new deal will see the Albertan city’s transit service receive a clean transportation upgrade with 25 fully electric buses from Proterra replacing the aging diesel buses in its fleet. The green-powered buses are winter compatible. Edmonton can experience harsh, cold and long winters. As such it is important that the city has buses that are able to withstand its frigid temperatures. The cold can…

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New Hyundai fuel cell electric truck to be launched in 2019

Hyundai fuel cell electric truck - Image from Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motor teases first look at its new fuel cell electric truck. The first look at the new Hyundai fuel cell electric truck has been revealed by the South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer. The new truck features a fuel cell powertrain and is the next vehicle the company is launching that will be equipped with fuel cell technology. The truck has been designed with a spoiler and side protector. Based on the image and brief details released by the automotive company, the Hyundai fuel cell electric truck features a simple…

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The EU’s renewable energy strategy receives strong criticism from scientists

Renewable Energy Strategy - Forest

Scientists disagree with Europe’s plan of using wood as a renewable power source. Wood is being considered as a low-carbon fuel by the European Union, which has decided to make wood burning a part of its renewable energy strategy. Leading climate scientists adamantly disagree with this decision and say that adopting such a strategy is not only likely to increase greenhouse gas emissions across the continent but also devastate some of the world’s most ancient forests. Burning wood for fuel could double Europe’s use of renewable power by 2030. The…

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SmartFlower solar panel is now available to purchase in America

SmartFlower solar panel in action at Sony Centre in Berlin - YouTube

The unique device is a portable, flower-shaped solar energy system. Not all solar power systems of the future will be traditional solar panels affixed to roofs. Some, like the SmartFlower solar panel, will be portable, adjustable and shaped quite differently. The adjustable petal shapes of the solar panel allow it to track the sun throughout the day. Initially created in Austria, the company behind the SmartFlower solar panel, SmartFlower Solar, has since moved its operations and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company’s unique device is a fully integrated all-in-one…

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Plans are in place to build a new liquid hydrogen plant in Texas

Liquid Hydrogen Plant - Water

The hydrogen facility will be built to meet increasing product demand from several markets. Plans for a new liquid hydrogen plant have been announced by Pennsylvania-based Air Products and Chemicals Inc., a leading global provider of hydrogen products. Construction of the plant will be carried out at Air Product’s La Porte, Texas industrial gas facility, located in the Houston area. The plant is slated to produce about 30 tons of liquid hydrogen per day. The liquid hydrogen plant, which Air Products is building to meet growing product demands from several…

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New Environmental Insights Explorer feature from Google calculates CO2 emissions in cities

Environmental Insights Explorer - Map app on phone

Google Maps data is helping city’s track their carbon footprint. The Environmental Insights Explorer is a new digital tool from Google that is designed to calculate carbon emissions from a city’s buildings, public transport and car trips to provide the city with an idea of where it stands with its sustainability efforts. Environmental insight can help accelerate climate action plans. The Environmental Insights Explorer analyzes a city’s Google Maps data in conjunction with other data to provide valuable insights into the planet’s environment. According to Google, these insights can be…

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California clean power bill signed into law by Governor Brown

California clean power bill - Claifornia Welcome Sign

California has officially committed to total carbon-free power by 2045. The California clean power goal of achieving 100% fossil fuel-free electricity by 2045 – SB100 – has been signed into law by the state’s governor Jerry Brown. Brown also issued an executive order for statewide carbon neutrality by that same year. In addition to signing in SB100, Governor Brown added an executive order that calls for carbon neutrality across the state, also by 2045. What this means is that by that year, California must remove as much carbon dioxide from…

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Germany opens its fiftieth publish hydrogen station

Public hydrogen stations - H2 station - little girl

The nation’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure has reached an important stage of development. H2 MOBILITY, Linde and TOTAL have installed the 50th public hydrogen station in Germany. The partners inaugurated the station in the presence of representatives from the European Union, the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), the city of Potsdam, the Brandenburg Government, and the Federal Government, reported Gasworld. The station can refuel approximately 40 vehicles per day. The latest public hydrogen station is located in Horstweg, southeast of Potsdam, and received funding from the FCH…

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The biggest offshore wind energy farm in the world is now operational

Offshore wind energy farm - wind turbines on water

The UK has flipped the switch on yet another offshore wind farm. The globe’s largest offshore wind energy farm is once again located in the UK. As of September 6th, 2018, Walney Extension became the largest operational offshore wind turbine farm in the world. The wind farm has over 80 turbines and covers more than 140 square kilometers. Located in the Irish Sea just off the shores of Walney Island, Cumbria, the offshore wind energy farm is made up of 87 wind turbines and covers 145 square kilometers (approximately 55.9…

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New 3D technology could benefit industrial hydrogen production

Industrial hydrogen production research - Science Lab

Researchers invent 3D self-assembled steam electrode that can be scalable for hydrogen production. Idaho National Laboratory researchers are one step closer to being able to produce industrial hydrogen with greater efficiency. This has been made possible due to their invention of a 3D self-assembled steam electrode. The researchers demonstrated high-performance electrochemical production at low temperatures. In the paper published by the journal Advanced Science, the researchers revealed advances in the production of industrial hydrogen. This is used in petrochemical manufacturing and oil refining, as well as an environmentally-friendly green fuel…

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Wind and solar power could increase rain and vegetation in the Sahara Desert

Wind and solar power - Sahara Desert

Large-scale renewable energy projects could impact climates. A team of researchers from the US, Italy and China, have discovered through their climate modelling study, that large-scale production of wind and solar power in the Sahara Desert and neighboring Sahel, would increase local temperatures, rainfall and vegetation. The researchers were the first to include vegetation response in their climate models. Although studying climate models is nothing new, the team of researchers, who published their findings in the peer-reviewed academic journal Science, were the first to include vegetation response in their models.…

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World’s first exclusive hydrogen taxi company expands its fleet

Hydrogen Taxi - Taxi sign

HYPE now has 100 vehicles in its hydrogen vehicles fleet. The France-based hydrogen taxi company has added more vehicles to its fleet. The fleet operates exclusively with hydrogen vehicles, including hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles like the Toyota Mirai. Back in July, HYPE added 25 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to its growing fleet. After nearly three years of operation, this has brought the company’s total number of vehicles to 100, reported Green Car Congress. Hydrogen is gaining ground in France. Hydrogen mobility has been identified as a…

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Hydrothermal recycling technology to be used at scale for the first time

Hydrothermal recycling technology - rack of clothes - shopping

H&M has opened two first-of-their-kind textile recycling facilities in Hong Kong. The facilities, which are the joint project of nonprofit H&M Foundation and Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA), are putting to use HKRITA’s breakthrough hydrothermal recycling technology. This will be the first time the technology has been put into practice at scale and a miniaturized Garment-To-Garment Recycling system will be open to the public. The recycling technology is an important part of developing a closed loop for textiles. The hydrothermal recycling facilities are the result of…

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Revolutionary O-Wind Turbine can capture wind from any direction

O-Wind Turbine - James Dyson Award National UK Winner - YouTube

The uniquely designed turbine is the winner of the UK Dyson award. The O-Wind Turbine has won its two student designers from Lancaster University the prestigious James Dyson award. The innovative “spinning” turbine is capable of capturing wind from any direction, and could transform how consumers generate electricity. The turbine could be especially effective in cities. Traditional turbines require a significant amount of space to operate, typically not making them practical for most densely populated urban areas. The primary reason is that conventional wind turbines, capture wind travelling in only…

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China receives support for first liquid hydrogen-based fueling station

Liquid hydrogen-based fueling station - Person pumping fuel in car

A new partnership will accelerate hydrogen infrastructure development in the country. China’s first commercial-scale liquid hydrogen-based fueling station is set to be built as part of a new partnership between Air Products and Fullcryo Technology. The goal of the cooperation and equipment supply agreements signed by the two companies is to accelerate the development of hydrogen infrastructure in the nation. The first-of-its-kind station will be constructed in Guangdong Province, South China. Together, the companies will work together on the construction, operation, maintenance and gas supply for liquid hydrogen-based fueling stations…

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