Tilos to become the Mediterranean’s first independent renewable green island

Renewable green island - Tilos Island at Sunset

The small Greek island is set to run on wind and solar power. Tilos, the small seahorse-shaped Greek island, will soon become the first autonomous renewable green island in the Mediterranean, according to the European Commission. Later this year, the island will run exclusively on high-tech batteries that are recharged by a solar park and wind turbine. The final tests are being conducted on the renewable power replacement system. The island’s solar park will be accompanied by an 800-kilowatt wind turbine. Power that is generated via these renewable sources, during…

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UK researcher seek to develop new green hydrogen power source

green Hydrogen power source - Research Lab

The clean energy source from hydrogen is being created using screen-printed nanotech UK researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University have announced their efforts to develop a new green hydrogen power source by using screen-printed nanotechnology. The resulting hydrogen will ultimately be transferred into fuel cells to create electricity whenever it is required. The goal is to provide remote communities with an affordable form of alternative energy. The research team hopes that the green hydrogen power source they plan to develop will benefit remote communities. If they are successful, the new power…

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A unique hybrid flow battery could charge EVs in seconds

hybrid flow battery - EV battery charging

Researchers have developed a new liquid battery that offers a dynamic form of energy storage. A team of chemists from the University of Glasgow have developed an innovative hybrid flow battery system. The chemists designed a new type of energy storage system that uses a nano-molecule that is capable of storing hydrogen gas or electric power. The battery has been designed to release power on demand. Called the “hybrid-electric-hydrogen” flow battery by the team of chemists, the battery can release power on demand that could be used to fuel cars.…

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New solar panel recycling plant recovers valuable materials

Solar panel recycling - Solar Panels on side of road

Geltz Umwelt-Technologie has developed a solution for efficiently recycling solar panel waste. ELSi is a new solar panel recycling pilot plant project developed by the German engineering company, Geltz Umwelt-Technologie. It is an advance recycling system designed to retrieve reusable material from solar modules. Solar panel disposal will only increase in the years to come. Solar energy may be a viable renewable energy solution but it is not waste-free. Solar panels have a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. For this reason, the development of solar panel…

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New hydropower storage project to be built in Canada

Hydropower Storage Project - Hydropower station

The site for the proposed pump hydropower project is near a retired open pit coal mine. Alberta may soon be home to a pump hydropower storage project, which will be the first of its kind in the province. Called the Canyon Creek Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Project, the project has received regulatory approval and the plan is to build it next to the decommissioned Obed Mountain open pit thermal coal mine. Canyon Creek will be able to utilize existing infrastructure to help reduce new environmental disturbances. The Obed Mountain coal…

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DOE awards $38 million to support fuel cell and hydrogen projects

DOE hydrogen project funding - American Money

More than 25 projects across the United States will receive funding. The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced that it has awarded $38 million in funds to support both new hydrogen projects as well as projects related to fuel cell technologies. In total, 28 projects in America will receive funding support. The funding specifically supports early-stage research and development. The DOE funding announcement was made by US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, while he was in Golden, Colorado touring the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. This particular…

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Corncob biofuel could be greener than ethanol fuel produced by corn grain

Corncob Biofuel - Corn - Corn on the cob

New research has found that corncobs could be effective for producing cleaner biofuel. Corncob biofuel, ethanol fuel produced from corncobs, produces less greenhouse gases compared to other sources used to produce biofuels, such as corn grain. This discovery was made by researchers from Iowa State University (ISU), who recently published their study findings in the journal Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining. Corncobs also produce ethanol with greater efficiency than other sources. The researchers analyzed the entire ethanol production chain, from transporting the raw material to sending the resulting fuel to service…

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Promising research could lead to the production of clean hydrogen

A Stanford graduate student may have found a solution to platinum catalysts. Scientists around the world continue their quest to find cheap and clean hydrogen fuel production methods that do not require the use of expensive metals, like platinum. Now, a graduate student from Stanford University, Xinjian Shi, has revealed in a recent study, published in the journal Energy and Environmental Science, that he may have found a solution using cobalt. Cheap and abundant metal sulfides can be transformed into powerful electrodes for HERs. Like other scientists searching for cheap…

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REAP’s solar power storage system could benefit from new California solar mandate

Solar power storage - Solar panels installation

The new mandate could be advantageous for REAP’s Power Stac VRFB. Renewable Energy and Power (REAP) could provide the perfect solar power storage solution for California’s new solar mandate. The company has announced the expansion of marketing activity for its Power Stac vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) power storage system, according to a news release published on Global Newswire. California is making residential solar energy mandatory for certain new buildings and renovations. The state has mandated that by 2020, all new houses and multi-family residences of three stories or less,…

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Plug Power to expand production of its hydrogen fuel cell technology

Hydrogen fuel cell technology - Warehouse and forklift

Plug Power is expanding its operations into a new building. The new 38,400-square foot building is located in Clifton Park, Saratoga County, New York, and will help Plug Power increase its production of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The new building is about 15 minutes away from the company’s headquarters in Latham. Plug Power’s CEO was also named to the Department of Energy’s HTAC In addition to announcing its new building for its hydrogen fuel cell technology production, Plug Power Inc. has also announced that its CEO, Andy Marsh, was named…

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Maryland launches a community solar power pilot program

Community solar power - Solar Panels in Field

Any resident of Maryland can power their home with solar energy. A new community solar power pilot program has been launched in Maryland. Under the program, anyone within the state can power their homes with the energy generated by solar panels, even if their homes cannot support these structures. Even renters or condo residents can benefit from solar power. The purpose of the community solar power program is to give Maryland residents who want to obtain their energy from renewable sources other than fossil fuels – but who currently don’t…

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Delaware Hydrogen plant project announced by PBF Energy

Delaware Hydrogen Plant - Cargo Ship on ocean

The new project will help to make cleaner fuel for ships. In an effort to boost cleaner fuel production, a new Delaware hydrogen plant will be built at the Delaware City Refinery. The owner of the refinery, PBF Energy, is betting that more hydrogen will lead to bigger profits and give them a key competitive advantage over other fuel producers, reported Delaware Online. Hydrogen is a vital sulfur-removing catalyst in oil refining. With a growing demand for clean diesel, the Delaware hydrogen plant is likely to have a strong future.…

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Over 100m dollars raised to support launch of Nikola fuel cell trucks

Nikola Fuel cell trucks - Truck on road at sunset

Nikola Motors says it has raised millions in just one week. Nikola fuel cell trucks – Nikola One and Nikola Two – have received more support. The Salt Lake City-based American hybrid truck design company claims it has raised more than $100 million in just one week after launching its new round of funding for $200 million. The money is to assist Nikola Motors launch and scale it two hydrogen-powered trucks in 2020. This round of funding will continue for another three weeks. The current round of funding for $200…

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Trump administration seeks to start new California fracking projects

California Fracking - Oil Drilling

More than a million acres of public land in California could be open to hydraulic fracturing. While California fracking is nothing new, for the past five years there has been a moratorium on leasing federal public land in the state to oil companies. However, this could soon change as the Trump Administration recently took the first step in a process that could open up 1.6 million acres of public land and mineral estates in central California to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and conventional oil drilling. The BLM intends to analyze the…

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Plastic waste is adding to the ever-increasing greenhouse gases problem

greenhouse gases - Plastic waste on beach

New research from Hawaii reveals plastics release GHG emissions. Due to common plastics degrading in the environment emitting greenhouse gases (GHG), plastic waste is now an even bigger environmental problem. This discovery was recently made by researchers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST). Exposure to ultraviolet light triggers the effect. The study, which was published in the journal PLOS ONE, reports that the most common plastics degrading in landfills and oceans emit the greenhouse gases methane and ethylene when they…

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Teesside takes another step forward in becoming a UK hydrogen “powerhouse”

UK Hydrogen in Teesside -Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough - Teesside - England

Teesside makes a bid for hydrogen super fleet. The UK hydrogen industry has received more support in Teesside. The conurbation in the north east of England has made a £220,000 ($282,200) bid in support of a major “super-fuel” vehicle fleet plan that could see cars, buses, trains and bin lorries powered by hydrogen fuel in the region, reported Teesside Live. Bringing the plan to fruition could create 1,000 jobs. The hydrogen fuel vehicle (HFV) fleet is part of a broader campaign to make Teesside a UK hydrogen “powerhouse”. The recent…

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