3 Top Tips for the Eco Conscious Shopper

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We are all much more environmentally conscious today than we were just a few years ago. In the modern world we don’t have much of a choice about it, global warming is a hot button issue and we are all beginning to experience the effects of climate change first hand. Just as surely as we are all learning to love the environment however, we still need to keep our inner consumer fed. Moving towards a more environmentally friendly world doesn’t mean that we have to completely turn our backs on…

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Managing the Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones

Green energy mobile phone stations

In a matter of several decades, mobile phones have grown from novelties to some of the most central and essential items in our lives. Today iPhone and Android devices are enabling business, connecting us to loved ones and helping us to work smarter and more intelligently. They are giving people a voice, especially in countries where freedom of speech is restricted and phones offer the only real means of communicating with the outside world and spreading information. Yet, despite how cellphones are close to our daily lives (we are willing…

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Are Green Mobile Phone Providers The Future?

green mobile phone

Green mobile providers are the future. We are at a crucial time, when we are hurriedly trying to reverse the environmental depressions that we humans have caused, so far. All companies which want to still be relevant in the future are making efforts to go as ‘green’ as possible, from industrial processes ( manufacturing and packaging) to the products they are offering. Some of these companies have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, developed environmentally-conscious products and have directed their supply chain to a purpose of conserving the environment. So, are…

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Primary Duties Of A Waste Disposal Service Provider

There have been debates on the effects of global warming all across the world. Though it has not been well proven to be happening, there are some negative effects of waste products that can be seen. To improve or at least keep the environment looking good, you need to work on better ways of doing it. Businesses have always been competing with each other, fighting for more customers and profits. If you are looking to hire a waste management company, you will first need to understand how they work. There…

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Financial Performance Of Green Energy Companies 2016

As we talk about green environment and less pollution somewhere down the line we will have to walk the talk. Over the past few decades lot has been happening in this field and dozens of companies have been making their presence with green products, green services, and green ways and means of manufacture and production. They are certainly setting high benchmarks for others to follow and therefore it would be interesting to have a look at a few such companies as far as their financial performance and other such important…

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Report Finds Ground Source Heat Pumps are Extremely Efficient

According to a new report from North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, The GSHP or Ground Source Heat Pump is 45 percent more efficient than any other heating or cooling system. The report also says that the number of individuals who install this systems completely depends of the amount of state and federal incentives there are. A GSHP takes advantage of the fact that the ground around structures remains significantly constant all year, usually between 45 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the exact location in the US. Pumping the water…

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Importance of Chimney Cleaning

Unfortunately, many home owners neglect the importance of chimney cleaning, and many are not even aware that it is necessary. Keeping a chimney and flue damper clean and free of creosote build-up, soot and obstructions is a preventative measure essentially for fire safety, as well as being an important part of the overall effort for improved air quality. The statistics are sobering, home fires kill over 2,500 civilians each year and injure 17,000 with over 11.5 billion dollars in property damage. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, heating equipment…

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Fracking: An environmental hot button

Fracking, the buzz-word that has become part of the environmental vernacular of late, is short for hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is the process by which a mixture of certain chemicals are mixed with water and then pushed deep into the shale rock beneath the earth’s surface. The point of fracking is to create cracks, or fractures, in the shale out of which can be extracted oil or gasses. After the rock has been fractured, the chemical mixture is removed. So, what’s the big deal? Why is fracking so controversial? According…

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