Hyundai to launch new pilot project focused on fuel cell vehicles

Hyundai will be introducing a new car-sharing and taxi service South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced that it will launch a new pilot project that will take place in South Gyeongsang and South Jeolla. The project is part of Hyundai’s ongoing efforts to promote clean transportation, particularly vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The project involves a car-sharing service that focuses on fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai will also be launching hydrogen-powered taxis, which will be available in Ulsan, South Gyeongsang. Fuel cell vehicles are gaining more attention from Hyundai Hyundai’s…

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Swiss utility hydrogen fuel test a success, spurs development of more affordable fuel cell system

hydrogen powered street cleaning vehicles

Since 2009, hydrogen-powered street cleaning vehicles have been undergoing testing in Basel, Switzerland. These vehicles were designed to show the practicality of hydrogen energy. Since the test began, it has proved that hydrogen-powered utility vehicles save money, meaning that fuel cells are indeed viable. Though the vehicles in Basel have accomplished their goal of proving that hydrogen fuel is useful in the real world, Basel officials say that the cost of fuel cells and electric drives must drop significantly before they can become widely accepted. This determination echoes that made…

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UK looks to team with U.S. for ambitious home improvement project

Biofuel research

As the United Kingdom continues its slow but steady pursuit of alternative energy, the government is beginning to see the need to look for foreign partners if it wants to make progress on its sustainability goals. The current available of alternative in the UK is admirable, but not enough to match the demand for new energy systems and the country’s persistence on achieving its goals. As such, the UK is now looking to the U.S. to help with an ambitious project that was launched last year. The Energy Act of…

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Toyota embraces hydrogen as one of its primary fuels, plans to release hydrogen-powered vehicles in 2015

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Car

Japanese automaker Toyota has long been a staunch advocate of hybrid and battery-powered vehicles. The company has remained true to its adherence to hybrids and pure electrics even while most of the auto industry adopted hydrogen with open arms. As its competitors gained acclaimed and a great deal of attention for their use of hydrogen fuel cells, Toyota was left in the dark. Now, however, the automaker has also taken up hydrogen as one of its favored fuels and plans to establish itself as a leader in the changing industry…

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Hydrogen energy poised to play a significant role in U.S. energy, say Bloom and FuelCell Energy

United States - Renewable Energy Growth

Hydrogen energy has overcome several challenges in its long history. These challenges have kept the energy out of the realm of possibility in the U.S. for some time. But new technological advances could put the energy on track to finding incorporation into the nation’s energy plans. Both FuelCell Energy and Bloom Energy, leading manufacturers of stationary hydrogen fuel cells, have come a long way to make hydrogen energy viable in the U.S. After years of work, both companies believe that the time has come for the energy to show how…

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Fuji Electric and Ballard Power take root in Germany to produce hydrogen energy

renewable energy news

Germany’s hydrogen fuel cell market is expanding and a new company has thrown its hat into the ring. Fuji Electric Company, one of Japan’s largest energy companies, has made landfall in Hamburg, Germany. The company has long been an advocate for fuel cells and hydrogen energy. Indeed, many of the fuel cells used in Japan’s outrageously successful Ene-Farm project come from Fuji Electric. These same fuel cells have found their way to Daimler, makers of Mercedes-Benz, as part of the company’s entry into the German market. Fuji Electric is not…

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AFC Energy’s project LASER-CELL goes live with inaugural meeting

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

AFC Energy, a leading manufacturer of fuel cells, has announced that the first consortium meeting for the LASER-CELL project occurred last  week. The project is aimed at developing high-volume production technologies that can be used to hasten the production of hydrogen fuel cells. It will also conduct detailed market analysis and distribute reports at regular intervals. The meeting means that the project is now live and will be working toward its established goal. Adoption of hydrogen fuel cells has remained low due to the cost associated with their production. Fuel…

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Human waste may be the future of self-sustaining robotics

EcoBot III

The future of self-sustaining machines may lie in the realm of human waste. In the past decade, alternative energy systems have become significantly advanced. Today, these energy systems are getting a great deal of attention for their ability to make machines entirely self-reliant. In the robotics industry, microbial fuel cells have proven that self-sustainability is possible. Now, so called EcoBots are beginning to emerge into the world with a great deal of support from NASA and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the United Kingdom. John Greenman, a microbiologist with the…

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BMW’s Zentrum Museum to go solar powered this year

Zentrum Museum in Spartanburg, South Carolina

 BMW is launching a new solar power project that will provide electricity for the company’s Zentrum Museum in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The museum displays BMW’s past achievements and highlights some of its future projects. It is located near the automaker’s main factory, where the majority of its vehicles are made. The new solar energy project will augment the other alternative energy projects the automaker is currently working on implementing. Once completed, the project will provide the majority of the electricity needed by the museum. BMW has also been working on…

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Apple reveals information regarding ambitious alternative energy projects

apple alternative energy projects

Last year, Apple announced plans to make its North Carolina data center completely sustainable through the use of solar energy. Details regarding the project had been scarce until this month when the technology company released information regarding the endeavor. The data center will be powered by a solar farm that spans 100 acres of land and will produce more than 20 megawatts of electricity. The data center will not be not only be powered by solar energy like initially believes, however, it will also draw energy from hydrogen fuel cells.…

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United Kingdom launches new hydrogen power initiative with the help of the global auto industry

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The auto industry is taking hydrogen fuel cell energy very seriously. Over the past two years, automakers all over the world have been showing off their new hydrogen-powered vehicles, claiming that hydrogen is the fuel of the future. These claims had once been met with derision from skeptics, but that did not slow the momentum that automakers had gained. Now the United Kingdom is throwing its support behind the auto industry and has announced the launch of a new initiative to progress hydrogen beyond its current point. The initiative is…

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Researchers develop sponge-like material that increases the hydrogen capacity of fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel research

 Researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the U.S. have been working on ways to make hydrogen fuel cells a more viable energy source. While there can be no doubt that the technology is quite powerful, manufacturing fuel cells is not known for its affordability. The costs of manufacture translate into higher prices for consumers looking to buy fuel cell power systems. The high costs have not made fuel cells popular with many, but researcher may have found a way to reduce the price of fuel cells and boost…

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MIT report shows the sluggish growth in efficiency from automakers due to consumer response

Alternative Fuel

The auto industry is making a major push to adopt alternative energy, but continue to make improvements to current internal combustion engines in order to make them more efficient. A new report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that engine efficiency has grown by 60% over the past two decades. While automakers are working to be more efficient overall, consumers are pushing back progress, according to the report. They are doing this by purchasing heavy, energy hungry vehicles rather than lightweight, efficient cars. The report notes that vehicles need…

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Suzuki and Intelligent Energy join to found new joint venture that could change the world of hydrogen energy transportation

Biofuel research

Japanese automaker Suzuki has partnered with Intelligent Energy, an alternative energy company based in the UK, to launch a new joint venture called SMILE FC System Corporation. The venture aims to create a new generation of hydrogen fuel cells that are more efficient for vehicles. The fuel cells manufactured by SMILE FC will be air-cooled, which both companies hope will make them more effective and improve their longevity. Each fuel cell will be designed with vehicles in mind and will be made in such a way that ensures that they…

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Alternative energy projects in Hempstead, New York, may serve as an example for other coastal communities

Hemstead New York

A new alternative energy project in the town of Hempstead, New York, may soon become an example of how renewable fuel can be produced in coastal cities. Hempstead has been awarded a $4.6 million grant from the Department of Energy to create a hybrid energy system consisting of wind power and hydrogen fuel. The electricity generated by off-shore wind turbines will be funneled to a hydrogen fuel station where it will be used to power fuel cells and generate hydrogen. An amount of the energy generated by these fuel cells…

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Federal government backs three major alternative energy projects that could shape the country’s future

Clean Transportation Success

The Obama administration announced last month, two new alternative energy projects that could help the nation reach its sustainability goals. The two projects are a solar initiative in Arizona, called the Sonoran Solar Energy Project, which will generate more than 300 megawatts of electricity and a wind project in California, called Tule Wind Project, which will generate 190 megawatts of electricity. Each project will occupy public land and will help modernize the nation’s energy grid as well as supply it with clean electricity. The federal government has also begun planning…

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