Hydrogen fuel vehicle industry will boost supply chain job security

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicle Industry More Jobs - Business

Hyundai and Audi have teamed up to work on the tech to produce alternative cars to electric. Hyundai has announced that its partnership with Audi in the hydrogen fuel vehicle industry will help keep jobs safe. The automaker stated that hundreds of thousands of supply chain jobs will be protected when compared to a move toward battery-powered electric cars. Automakers worldwide are working diligently to produce cleaner cars compliant with emissions targets. In its statement, Hyundai urged other manufacturers to move into the hydrogen fuel vehicle industry. They stated that…

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New Jersey declared top US green energy economy

Green Energy Economy - New Jersey - City Skyline

Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a clean energy bill into law, pushing the state ahead. New Jersey was catapulted back into the top green energy economy spot in the United States this month. When Governor Murphy signed a new clean energy bill into law it took the state back into the coveted top policy leadership spot. The state had lost its position in the lead when Chris Christie was governor of the state. New Jersey’s green energy economy had fallen into a multi-year stagnant state under Governor Christie. That said,…

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Mogix Products Give the Gift of a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint - Mogix Sale

To make things better, the brand is offering a huge Black Friday weekend coupon code for eco-friendly savings. Mogix is a company that is rather unsuspecting when it comes to its ability to reduce its customers’ carbon footprint. After all, it is best known for its products such as a high capacity, slim fit portable phone batteries and its emergency auto tool that includes a digital tire gauge among other features. The Mogix brand is highly environmentally conscious and helps customers reduce waste. The Mogix high capacity external battery charger…

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Traditional builders look to green construction trends to reap sizeable benefits

green construction

Sustainable design and green architecture is just as important as the right industrial mixer for today’s top builders. Leading builders around the world are entering into the green construction space which is one of the hottest growing building trends. Homeowners and developers are grabbing onto this resource-efficient and environmentally responsible trend. It includes everything from the right architecture to the ideal industrial mixer. This trend is solidly established in commercial construction and gated residential communities. Moreover, it is gaining ground at a highly attractive rate among more conventional home real…

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Texas wind power use gets a shot in the arm with huge 7-Eleven deal

Wind Enegy - Texas Flag in Wind

The company has signed an agreement with TXU Energy so it will buy 100 percent wind energy for its Texas locations. 7-Eleven signed a Texas wind power agreement with TXU Energy. This deal allows the convenience store giant to purchase 100 percent wind energy for each of its store locations within the state and that are positioned within “competitive energy markets.” This represents the majority of the 7-Eleven locations in Texas. The Texas wind power agreement will continue over 96 months. This will provide wind energy to 425 stores and…

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Green energy innovation in India turns fish scales into electricity

Instead of disposing of the scales as waste, they are being recycled into usable power. In India, a team of Jadavpur University researchers have come up with a green energy innovation that recycles waste material into electricity. In this case, the waste material is biodegradable energy extracted from raw fish scales. The fish scales would typically be thrown away, but now they might become a source of fuel for the next generation of devices in the country. In fact, the research team thinks they may be an ideal energy source…

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Canadian geothermal village could generate all the power it needs

Hot springs in a town located along British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains offer renewable energy. The town of Valemount, British Columbia is a natural geothermal village. It is located along the Canadian Rocky Mountains and features the Canoe Reach hot springs. The hot springs are among the warmest surface hot springs in the country. As a result, the town has decided to make some renewable energy plans for this natural resource. At the moment, the hot springs offer tourists a gorgeous destination to visit. However, they may also turn the location…

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Light therapy products become increasingly environmentally friendly

A company called LTO has broken away from the traditional disposables to provide an eco-friendlier option. Light Therapy Options (LTO), a Connecticut-based company providing products meant for healing and treating a range of different skin conditions, is beginning to stand out and above its rivals in this increasingly competitive industry by selling products that are environmentally friendly on several different levels.  These high powered (HP) LED lights are designed to expose affected skin to certain specific wavelengths. While there have been several light therapy products that have made their way…

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A quality tire pressure gauge is essential to fuel economy

Even the slightest difference can measurably reduce a vehicle’s mileage and tire lifespan. Among the most important issues facing vehicle manufacturers at the moment is the reduction of emissions, which is vital to the environment, but from the consumer side, devices as practical as a tire pressure gauge can also make a significant difference. This is not only one of the best ways to save money, but it reduces emissions and extends the life of tires. Proper tire pressure maintenance may not sound like much of an important subject, but…

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Hydrogen fuel powered bus makes green technology news in Alabama

This public transportation vehicle starts a new pilot program with no exhaust and no emissions. The U.S. Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, was in Birmingham, Alabama on Wednesday for the launch of a hydrogen fuel cell powered city bus that will begin a brand new green technology pilot program in the region. This bus represents the start of what is hoped to be a much larger environmentally friendly effort. The hydrogen fuel powered bus will be operated by the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority and the UAB and will produce no…

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Green technology being tested on the Californian electric grid

Solar farms have been installed on a large scale, as have thousands of rooftop installations. In the latest green technology news, the California electric grid is now testing out new renewable energy options that are made up of massive solar farms and other contributing sun-powered panels. At the center of this effort is a nonprofit corporation that is monitoring and managing the power flow. Jim Blatchford is the manager of short term forecasting at the organization, the California Independent System Operator (ISO). That corporation is responsible for making sure that…

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Alternative energy news: Geothermal energy controversy heats up in Japan

As the country seeks sources of power outside of nuclear, strong opposing opinions become louder. One of the hottest topics in Japan, right now is in alternative energy news, as all of the 48 operational nuclear reactors across the country have been shut down for safety inspections, and replacement forms of power are considered. In this light, geothermal energy advantages and disadvantages have been a source of considerable debate. Three years have passed since the tsunami that caused the meltdown of three reactor cores at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power…

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Wind energy agreement made by Microsoft

The deal is with Texas wind power and is designed to last for the next two decades. Microsoft Corp. has just entered into its latest agreement in an effort to improve its carbon neutrality by signing a wind energy deal that would have the technology giant purchase power from a new wind farm in Texas. The company is a massive consumer of electricity considering the nature of its business. For that reason, it will now be purchasing power from a wind energy farm in Texas, marking the first time that…

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Hydrogen fuel cell car unveiled by Toyota for 2015

The auto manufacturer has just released information on the concept that will become a vehicle in two years. Toyota has just unveiled its latest concept that is to become a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that will be available for purchase by consumers in 2015. Many of the major automakers are looking into this technology, though it had been ignored for a while. Other auto manufacturers aside from Toyota, including Hyundai and Honda, are bringing the concept of hydrogen fuel powered vehicles back into the spotlight. This, despite the fact that…

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Hydrogen fuel cells winning more support from U.S. politicians

Renewable Energy Investment

Politics continues to play major role in alternative energy The U.S. Department of Defense recently began considering energy as a matter of national security. The agency has been aggressively pursuing the adoption of alternative energy systems in the hopes of breaking the country’s reliance on foreign sources of power. The endeavor has been met with several challenges, the majority of which come from the realm of politics. Indeed, politics have played a major role in the country’s use of alternative energy for several years. Because of the controversial association that…

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Flash memory could make data centers more efficient

Alternative Energy Research

Energy consumption beginning to spiral out of control As technology continues to play a larger role in the lives of many, the consumption of data slowly grows. Data centers are the foundation upon which the technology world is built. Without these data centers, the Internet and various other technological services would not be possible. Though considered a necessity, data centers are beginning to gain a bad reputation for the amount of energy they consume; the more data that is required, the more electricity that is used to keep servers operating.…

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