New 3D technology could benefit industrial hydrogen production

Industrial hydrogen production research - Science Lab

Researchers invent 3D self-assembled steam electrode that can be scalable for hydrogen production. Idaho National Laboratory researchers are one step closer to being able to produce industrial hydrogen with greater efficiency. This has been made possible due to their invention of a 3D self-assembled steam electrode. The researchers demonstrated high-performance electrochemical production at low temperatures. In the paper published by the journal Advanced Science, the researchers revealed advances in the production of industrial hydrogen. This is used in petrochemical manufacturing and oil refining, as well as an environmentally-friendly green fuel…

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Wind and solar power could increase rain and vegetation in the Sahara Desert

Wind and solar power - Sahara Desert

Large-scale renewable energy projects could impact climates. A team of researchers from the US, Italy and China, have discovered through their climate modelling study, that large-scale production of wind and solar power in the Sahara Desert and neighboring Sahel, would increase local temperatures, rainfall and vegetation. The researchers were the first to include vegetation response in their climate models. Although studying climate models is nothing new, the team of researchers, who published their findings in the peer-reviewed academic journal Science, were the first to include vegetation response in their models.…

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