Electric Motors for Various Industrial Applications

Electric Motors for Various Industrial Applications

July 28, 2020 0 By Guest Author

Thanks to specialized manufacturers like OME Motors, there is now a great collection of electric motors with a wide range of industrial applications.

Since its inception, electric motors have become an integral part of industrial productions. After all, this is what converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy, enabling industrial machinery to perform their designated tasks. Yet, not all electric motors perform a similar set of tasks, rather, some of them are designed specifically for a particular industry. The required expertise is so complex that it often requires a company that is specialized in performing such tasks.

OME Motors, based in Italy, is one such company that has been putting together a great range of electric motors – all efficient and great at performing at the highest level. Since its establishment back in 1960, the company has gone on to become a global leader in the production of industrial electric motors of many different kinds. If you want more information, visit omemotors.com. You can also get a brief overview by continuing to read below.

Number of Different Choices

As per the directives of IEC – the International Electrotechnical Commission, there are already quite a few different types of low voltage Standard Motors. While they are great at performing a number of different tasks and do that in a very efficient manner, there are still a few different industries that require different motors. For example, the petrochemical industry with its highly hazardous environment is best served with an ATEX-certified Ex-Proof Motors. Similarly, there are also High Voltage Motors, Smoke Extraction Motors, Motors for Conveyor Belts, Permanent Magnet Motors – all with special attention towards fulfilling specific needs of a, particularly testing industry.

Industrial Field Applications

Among the many different tasks that carefully designed electric motors facilitate, the ones performed in industrial fields are perhaps the most complicated. Some electric motors are utilized for mining, while some provide the energy to perform crushing and shredding in cement industries. Steel plants, on the other hand, require a robust set up to maintain the continuity of their production process in a heavily warm environment. That’s why they often rely on specialized Motors for Conveyor Belts. Meanwhile, the sugar plant industries rely on customized High Voltage Motors or the IE4 Super Premium Motors, for their ability to offer a higher voltage without needing to use a lot of electric energy.

Applications in Production Machinery

In addition to powering up fields and plants, electric motors are also used to run a host of production machinery. It’s the motors underneath that propels a propeller, or winds up a turbine, or soaks in the smokes and debris in a crowded public or private environment. In the water plants, it’s the electric motors that help in pumping up the waters. There are also much advanced, three-phase electric motors which are utilized in compressors for their ability to cool themselves; and thus, withstanding higher temperatures. The same qualities also make them a perfect choice for industrial boilers.