Are Green Mobile Phone Providers The Future?

Are Green Mobile Phone Providers The Future?

September 7, 2017 0 By Guest Author

Green mobile providers are the future. We are at a crucial time, when we are hurriedly trying to reverse the environmental depressions that we humans have caused, so far. All companies which want to still be relevant in the future are making efforts to go as ‘green’ as possible, from industrial processes ( manufacturing and packaging) to the products they are offering. Some of these companies have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, developed environmentally-conscious products and have directed their supply chain to a purpose of conserving the environment.

So, are green the future? Yes. Governments and environmental conservative bodies are trying to put ‘green’ regulations to affect. Therefore, a time will come when non-green businesses will be against the law. Also, companies need to find ways of conserving manufacturing resources and making their products repairable.

If we continue to use the non-green phones, we are scheduling ourselves and our dear planet for doom. Here are some of the adverse effects of non-green phones.

To the environment

Regular mobile phones contain . When left or burnt in landfills, the phones release all their toxic components into the air, soil and eventually, water supply. Environmental organizations like UNEP have reported that ecosystems close to sources of lead go through biodiversity loss, decreased reproductive and growth rates and negative neurological issues.

To humans

Do not think that we humans are safe. Discarded non-green phones cause environmental hazards where their components come to rest. Sadly, we cannot avoid the consequences of our non-green actions. Whichever way we get into contact with lead, it is extremely harmful because it can accumulate in human bones. From breathing it in, to contaminated water and food. Having lead in our bodies causes kidney failures, issues with the nervous system, heart disease and reproductive, immune and developmental problems. When children get exposed to lead, they can have lower IQs and experience learning shortfalls.

Other toxic chemicals and materials found in mobile phones

  • Cadmium found in old-model phones causes kidney and bone diseases.
  • Phthalates used to soften the plastic used in the manufacturing process can result in reproductive problems.
  • Brominated Flame Retardants which can find their way into breast milk.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which releases highly toxic components when burned.

Features of green or eco-friendly phones

  • Repairable
  • Free of PVC, mercury and lead
  • Renewable and reusable materials and body parts
  • Availability of energy-saving mode
  • Energy-efficient charger
  • Solar charging
  • Small printed guide
  • Recyclable packaging materials

green mobile phone providers

How mobile providers can help conserve the environment

are helping in reducing the impact of electronic gadgets on the environment and in the preservation of natural resources. Mobile providers who have not yet ‘gone green’ can do the following to help in conserving the environment.

  • Research and start using green-conscious products that make you less reliant on natural resources. For example, solar hot water systems and rainwater.
  • Ensure that the mobile phones you provide and the products you use in your company (furniture, stationery and devices) are made from recycled materials.
  • Explore other ways that your company can save on energy and conserve the environment. For example, printing on both sides of the page and holding video conferences instead of flying
  • Encourage employees to re-use as much as they can. For instance, the staff can take messages on scrap paper, instead of buying new message-taking pads.
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