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Here’s press release tips and what you can expect from us:

When you should post a press release

Step 1. When do you write a press release? The best time to post a news article about your company is when a change has occurred within your company or industry. Some examples of an event you would want to write about: Your company has come out with a new product/system/procedure, a new concern that affects people/earth/industry that your company is dealing with, new management, an event, donation or charity, hot topic and your company’s view, etc.

*Also, make sure to get the best results from your article that it is at least 350 words and is grammatically correct.

What should I write about

Step 2. What will a press release do for my business? Now that you have down your article subject and are ready to find a publisher, you may ask “What will Hydrogen Fuel News do for my article?” You will enjoy a lot of traffic from a niche news site that can send your article to the front page of Google News! We can’t guarantee your article going viral but we have had many articles reach thousands of readers + 1000’s sharing, all in just one day!

Alternative Energy Industry

Step 3. Who will be reading it? People that are in the industry or are passionate about: green practices, alternative energy, clean energy, climate change, environmentally friendly, green products, etc. Green industries are growing in popularity but not a lot of consumers are completely aware of the technology and/or services many companies are offering. This is an excellent opportunity for you to build an “expert” reputation with consumers as well as professionals – Start Today!

press release service

Step 4. Why should I do this? Because for $9.99 there is no easier way to get your company’s name in front of the audience you want and need. Plus, we will post your article on our social media sites and in our weekly newsletter – Permanent placement plus all of this…it doesn’t get any better than this!


How to write a press release

Step 5. How do I submit my article? First, you will make a secure payment through Paypal – see above button that says BUY NOW. Then you will be redirected to instructions on how to submit – if for some reason this does not happen, please email us at [email protected] Not to worry, your article is in the Que and within 24 hours or less your article will be on our front page, in Google news database and a link will be emailed to you. If there are any revisions, just let us know and one of our staff members will be on it.

And if you need anything, just let us know…we are here for your press release needs.

Our goal is to deliver the best news and educational site ever so we have to keep it clean, hence this next part: Please Note – We reserve the right not to publish articles as we see fit and a full refund will be issued if this occurs. In order to avoid this, please make sure your article is green related and does not include the following: adult only content, spam related links, online gambling, grammatically incorrect, strongly opinionated/too political and/or offensive.

If you have any questions, please email us at: [email protected]


  • Howard Phillips says:

    I want to submit a news release through you, but your web site is confusing with all the ads and the need to change web browsers. Can you send me a simple set of instructions that has only the payment to you, and the simple instructions for submitting the content for my news release?

  • Shailendra Tiwari says:

    This is wonderful work in energy transition communication is an important aspect of this transition . Congratulations

  • Bernard Schaffler says:

    May I address this note to Michael Schaffer. My name is Bernard Schaffler and I live in Bayview 2104 NSW, Australia. My email address is [email protected].
    I am working on my PhD thesis related to Hydrogen Fuel Cells to power electric locomotives. I am struggling to find a university to accept my thesis. Not one in Australia is interested. This is the subject of my thesis.
    Hybrid Locomotive Powered from Hydrogen Fuel Cells for electric locomotives including Slip/Slide control and predictive wheel diameter compensation of each wheel powered by DTC inverters using permanent magnet 3-phase AC traction motors.
    A development to assist Climate Change
    Proposed PhD thesis by Bernard Schaffler. BSc Eng. MSc Eng. FIEAust. CPEng. MIEEE

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