GE to help develop new wind energy system in Australia

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General Electric enters wind power partnership General Electric (GE) has announced that it will be helping develop a large-scale wind energy project in Australia. The company will be working with the Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PARF) in this endeavor. PARF is currently in a partnership with AGL Energy and the Queensland Investment Corporation to expand Australia’s wind energy capacity. The country has become a prominent wind market, largely due to its efforts to expand its use of clean power. New wind farm will power 260,000 homes With its partners, General…

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Solar energy hits turbulence in Australia

Australian utilities are coming together to oppose the expansion of solar power Solar energy may be in for some turbulence in Australia. The country has become one of the most attractive markets for solar power, largely due to its abundant exposure to solar radiation and the interest that consumers have in clean energy, but the solar sector is beginning to see a great deal of opposition come from the country’s utilities and government. Australia’s major energy utilities have banded together in order to petition the government to end all subsidies…

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Two new solar energy projects are coming to Australia

AGL Energy and First Solar team to develop new solar energy projects AGL Energy, one of the largest energy organizations in Australia, has teamed with First Solar in order to establish two new solar energy systems in Australia. First Solar is based in the U.S. and specializes in utility-scale solar energy systems. The company has been looking to break into foreign markets, with a keen interest in Australia. The country is home to a great deal of solar energy potential due to its near-constant exposure to solar radiation. Projects to…

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