Toyota has high hopes for hydrogen powered cars

hydrogen powered cars - Toyota FCV concept car

Automaker plans to increase production of fuel cell vehicles Japanese automaker Toyota intends to increase production of hydrogen powered cars. Currently, an estimated 3,000 fuel cell vehicles are sold throughout the world annually. Toyota believes that this number will rapidly increase due to the introduction of more efficient and affordable vehicles, however. As such, the automaker has set a goal of selling 30,000 fuel cell vehicles every year by 2020. Toyota is building two new production facilities To accomplish this lofty goal, Toyota is building two new production facilities in…

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Alternative energy news: Geothermal energy controversy heats up in Japan

As the country seeks sources of power outside of nuclear, strong opposing opinions become louder. One of the hottest topics in Japan, right now is in alternative energy news, as all of the 48 operational nuclear reactors across the country have been shut down for safety inspections, and replacement forms of power are considered. In this light, geothermal energy advantages and disadvantages have been a source of considerable debate. Three years have passed since the tsunami that caused the meltdown of three reactor cores at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power…

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Japan achieves a world first in renewable energy

Japan Number 1 Renewable Energy

Japanese scientists see major renewable energy potential in methane clathrate Natural gas is quickly become a viable replacement for conventional fossil-fuels like oil and coal. While natural gas still produces carbon dioxide when it is burned to produce energy, the levels of carbon emissions it produces are significantly lower than those coming from coal and oil, making it a relatively cleaner alternative. Methane is the most common form of natural gas, and is quickly becoming a very attractive substance in the world of renewable energy. In Japan, scientists and engineers…

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Solar energy shipments on the rise in Japan

Solar Energy Capacity

Solar energy making major progress in Japan Solar energy is on the rise in the Land of the Rising Sun: Japan. According to a new report from the Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association, domestic shipments of solar cells and modules has risen by 80% in the July-September quarter of this year. This is on the heels of the Japanese government enacting an ambitious solar energy incentive initiative, a feed-in tariff that aims to help support the adoption of solar energy throughout the country. Feed-in tariff may be having major influence over…

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