Energy production in the US continues to grow

US Energy Efficiency

Domestic energy production could help revolutionize the country The U.S. is looking for a way to break its reliance on fossil-fuels. Until a suitable alternative can be found, however, the federal government will continue to focus on using these fuels for the sake of energy production. Though the time may not be right for a complete transition away from fossil-fuels, the U.S. government is keen to stop relying on foreign countries for its energy needs and has been investing heavily to support domestic energy production. Report highlights the possibilities for…

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Norwich Research Park may be the cleanest building in the UK

Norwich Research Park Green Energy

Norwich Research Park aims to set a new standard in green construction The United Kingdom’s University of East Anglia will soon be home to the most energy efficient building in the country. The Norwich Research Park Enterprise Center will be built at the university and cost approximately $30 million. The facility is expected to be the “greenest” building ever constructed in the United Kingdom, employing various energy efficient practices and environmentally friendly materials in its construction. The building may also consume very little energy, if it can meet with efficient…

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The Plant project aims to renovate the industrial sector of the U.S.

Vertical Farming

The Plant project could bring new purpose to old industrial buildings The global economic crisis, which took hold in 2008, had a devastating impact on the industrial complex of the U.S. Many cities that had held an important role in the country’s industrial era are now home to large, unoccupied buildings that serve no purpose. In Chicago, these buildings may soon become useful again, at the hands of John Edel, director of The Plant project, which is an ambitious initiative to turn old industrial buildings into vertical farms. Project aims…

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Schools in developing countries to get solar power thanks to new project from the University of Southampton

University of Southampton

The UK’s University of Southampton has launched an innovative alternative energy project that seeks to bring solar power to developing countries. The project, led by Professor Tony Rest and Keith Wilkinson, will install solar panels in a number of schools in Africa. The panels will provide these schools with much of the electricity they require and allow students to get firsthand experience with alternative energy. One of the goals of the project is to get students comfortable with the idea of alternative energy, as they may be the ones using…

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