Going Green in 2013: Alternative Vehicles for a New Year

Alternative Vehicles - 2014 M

Each new year begets a slew of new alternative vehicles and introduces the next wave of eco-friendly innovation. Clean transportation will continue to grow in 2013 with a greater selection of models and reduced prices. Here are some hybrid and electric vehicles available in 2013 that will color our planet a brighter shade of green. 2013 Tesla Model S Motor Trend named the 2013 Tesla Model S the car of the year, the first electric vehicle to receive the prestigious award in its 64 years. The Model S is “one…

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Toyota aims to take fuel cells beyond vehicles

FC Bus - Fuel Cells

Toyota continues to break ground in the field of hydrogen fuel cells Famed Japanese automaker Toyota recently announced that it would be developing a full-fledged hydrogen-powered vehicle. The automaker is among the first to produce a commercially successful hybrid vehicle, the Prius, which laid the foundation for future iterations of alternative energy transportation. Though Toyota has become a powerful name in the alternative energy sector, it still has a strong focus on traditional vehicles, which puts the company at odds with fuel efficiency standards that are coming from many of…

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Wireless energy could make electric vehicles less cumbersome

Qualcomm wireless car charger

Qualcomm promotes wireless energy for electric vehicles Qualcomm, a leading developer of wireless technology, has been working to promote the concept of wireless energy, especially in the realm of transportation. Electric vehicles are becoming more common as automakers attempt to comply with strict emissions standards coming from some of the world’s governments. These vehicles will likely help automakers comply with the standards, but before they can a comprehensive infrastructure capable of supporting them must first be established. Qualcomm has developed a wireless energy system that could make charging electric vehicles…

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Natural gas may play a significant role in U.S. transportation

renewable energy news

Report highlights the possibility of natural gas playing a bigger role in transportation Alternative energy and transportation is becoming a major issue in the U.S. The country has adopted some of the most ambitious fuel efficiency standards in the world. These standards have gone a long way in pushing automakers to produce more efficient and clean running vehicles. Hydrogen has emerged as a major focus for the auto industry in its endeavor to make more efficient vehicles, but natural gas may soon surpass it, as suggested by a new report…

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Electric vehicles to receive a kick through new investment

BMW and hydrogen fuel

BMW announces its investment in Coulumb Technologies’ ChargePoint system Prestigious automaker BMW has made what it calls a “strategic investment” in Coulumb Technologies, a maker of charging systems for electric vehicles. Coulumb Technologies ChargePoint system is claimed to be the largest electric vehicle recharging system in the world. The system connects 14 countries worldwide through an electric charging infrastructure that is capable of supporting a large number of electric vehicles. BMW’s investment in the company and its technologies may have promising implications for the future of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles…

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China aims to promote alternative energy transportation through new plan

Fuel efficiency and emissions a serious concern for China As one of the largest automotive markets in the world, China takes the matter of fuel efficiency standards quite seriously. When the country last hosted the Olympic Games, the government imposed strict emissions standards that were coupled with severe consequences. Though this initiative was primarily to ensure the health and performance of the athletes competing in the event, the country nonetheless saw the economic potential of such actions. This experience is now being applied to the realm of fuel efficiency. Final…

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Alternative energy could be a boon for high-speed railway system

high speed trains

New analysis highlights the potential benefits of alternative energy systems in railway system The U.S. State of California is currently invested in the development of a high-speed railway system. The project has been met with varying degrees of support and criticism from consumers and businesses alike. With concerns regarding the viability of the high-speed railways system reaching new highs, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and the Arizona State University have produced a new analysis that highlights the benefits of the system. Researchers note that the high-speed railway system…

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Hybrid technology comes to University of Texas

University of Texas

Hydrogen-electric bus to operate on campus for one year Last week, officials from the University of Texas at Austin gathered together to unveil a new hydrogen-electric bus that would be operation on and around the campus. The bus will have its own fueling station located on campus that will be equipped with an electric charging station and hydrogen fuel pump. The hybrid bus runs entirely on hydrogen and the electricity stored in a lithium-ion battery. University officials note that the bus will begin operating throughout the campuses traditional bus routes…

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Renault and Nissan to kickstart an infrastructure for electric vehicles in France

electric vehicles - Wireless Charging

Automaker looks to take matters into its own hands French automaker Renault has been a player in the electric vehicle arena for some time. The company has been a staunch advocate of lowering the harmful emissions produced by vehicles and believes that electric vehicles are the best way to accomplish this feat. The automaker has recently expressed frustration concerning the rate at which electric car chargers are being installed in its home country of France. Without an infrastructure capable of supporting a large amount of electric vehicles, consumers may not…

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West Coast Electric Highway reaches new milestone this week

West Coast Electric Highway

    Infrastructure for electric vehicles grows stronger Electric vehicles are becoming more common along the West Coat of the U.S. These vehicles have been gaining traction with consumers that have grown more concerned with the rising cost of fuel. As demand for alternative energy transportation grows, the need for an infrastructure capable of supporting it is also on the rise. The infrastructure for electric vehicle, called the West Coast Electric Highway, has been under development for some time. This week, the endeavor reached a major milestone, providing drivers with…

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California’s Pacific Gas & Electric proposes new rates for electricity used with vehicles

Electric Vehicles charging station

PG&E submits new rate proposal to the Public Utilities Commission The Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) company has submitted a proposal to California’s Public Utilities Commission this week, looking to revamp the prices of electricity that is used for vehicles. Many consumers have asked, how much does it cost to charge an electric car, when considering this type of vehicle.  To address these concerns the company is proposing to make the cost of electricity for vehicles comparable to $1 for a gallon of gasoline. The idea is to make electric…

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Toyota Spain and Gamesa partner to promote electric vehicles

Hydrogen fuel partnership

Advancement of electric vehicle technology is a key part of the partnership Toyota Spain has partnered with Gamesa, a manufacturer and developer of wind turbines, in an effort to promote electric vehicles throughout Spain. The two companies have a firm belief in alternative energy and its future amongst consumers. Part of this interest is founded in economics, which suggests that the adoption of alternative energy could mean significant savings on energy and fuel costs. While the partnership will not seek to put this particular aspect of alternative energy to the…

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Nissan initiative aims to provide Leaf drivers with updated knowledge of charging stations

electric vehicles - Wireless Charging

Charging stations a focus of new Nissan initiative Electric vehicles have proven to be quite popular with consumers around the world. As these vehicles continue to grow in popularity, many drivers are beginning to see problems with the infrastructure that is meant to provide energy to them. Most manufacturers of electric vehicles provide customers with access to maps that note the locations of charging stations. The problem, however, is that these manufacturers have trouble keeping in touch with governments and other companies that are working to establish new charging stations.…

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NRDC report shows drivers can expect major savings on fuel in the future

clean vehicles - consumers lose interest when gas prices drop

Report highlights fuel efficiency standards as power behind savings A new report from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) suggests that U.S. drivers can expect to see massive savings in fuel costs as the result of the Obama administration’s efficiency standards. The standards require vehicles to have fuel efficiency of 54.5 miles-per-gallon by 2030. This standard will not be implemented until 2030, but the NRDC report shows that drivers do not have to wait that long to find financial relief from high gas prices. $68 billion in saved fuel costs…

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Riversimple to participate in hydrogen vehicle trial in the UK

Riversimple - Fuel Cell Vehicles

More hydrogen-powered cars are showing up on streets in the UK as the fuel continues to garner support throughout the nation. Both Herefordshire and Shropshire Councils have announced a new plan to bring some 30 hydrogen-powered vehicles to local streets as part of a trial scheduled to begin in 2012. The vehicles come from Riversimple, an open source automaker focused on hydrogen fuel. The trial will help citizens get comfortable with the idea of alternative energy transportation and give authorities hands-on experience with fuel cell technology. Riversimple’s cars will not…

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The government unveils new CAFE standards, hopes to push the alternative energy industry forward

US Energy News

The Obama Administration is preparing to unveil a series of new standards to accompany the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations. CAFE was first introduced by Congress in 1975 and has dictated the progress of vehicle efficiency in terms of fuel economy. Obama’s new standards aim to further push the move of the auto industry toward alternative fuels. According to these new standards, new vehicles must average 56.2 MPG by 2025. While the new standards may seem a bit lofty, the auto industry is already well on the way toward…

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