Audi to build new methane production factory in Germany

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Audi announces plans for fuel production facility Acclaimed automaker Audi has announced that it will be building a new fuel production facility in Germany. The facility will make use of surplus energy produced by the country’s renewable power sources, such as wind and solar energy. This surplus energy will be used to produce methane gas from water and carbon dioxide. The venture is expected to help remove a significant amount of carbon emissions from the environment while also producing a gas that can be used as an efficient fuel. Technology…

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Researchers develop fast-charging lithium-ion battery

renewable energy lithium-ion battery

New lithium-ion battery design could make electric vehicles more appealing Researchers from South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) have developed a new lithium-ion battery that can be charged up to 120 faster than conventional models. The fast-charging battery could have a wide variety of applications, but researchers believe that it holds significant promise for electric vehicles. Researchers claim that the new lithium-ion battery can be used to build a battery pack for electric vehicles. This could enable these vehicles to be recharged in less than a…

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Industry leaders say that the auto industry needs to mimic Apple

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

Fuel cell technology may be a big hit with tech-savvy environmentalists, but the idea of hydrogen-powered transportation – or any other kind of alternatively-powered transportation – does not have much appeal for the general public. Ernst & Young, a financial services company, polled leaders within the marketing and auto industries and found that the general consensus is that the current market is in dire need of an “iCar.” The concept is simple enough: The auto industry must produce a product that will mimic the success of Apple’s famous mobile devices.…

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Business relations between Indian and the UK showing promise thanks to alternative energy

Hydrogen Fuel Cars

The British Empire may be on its way back to India as the country begins to purchase more electric vehicles built in the UK. While the return of Britain will not be political in any way, the business relations between the two countries are likely to form a stronger bond than either have held for several years. Tata Steel, a multi-national steel-making company based in London, has been working on a new energy system that its subsidiary, Tata Motors, the largest automaker in India, will be using for a new…

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Electrification Leadership Council launches new project to establish infrastructure for the changing transportation industry

Electric Vehicle Sales

The Electrification Leadership Council, an organization seeking to establish an electric infrastructure for the U.S. transportation industry, is embarking on a new project. The organization is looking to see how well current electric vehicles can assimilate to the nation’s energy grid. The project will aim to collect and distribute data concerning how well the current electrical grid can handle the demand put on it by electric vehicles. This information will serve useful to state governments looking to modernize their energy infrastructure. The Council is looking to install several large electric…

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Volkswagen to test battery power for new electric Caddy

Electric VW Caddy

German automaker Volkswagen has begun testing an electric version of their popular VW Caddy vehicle. The car is powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery, which will propel the vehicle around the city of Hannover. While most other automakers are opting to utilize hydrogen for their electric vehicles, Volkswagen has decided to use batteries as a way to test the feasibility of electric mobility. If the test is successful, the automaker may begin developing alternative energy vehicles en masse. Volkswagen’s electric Caddy can travel more than 75mph and can haul loads…

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Proposed regulations could have a major impact on California’s transportation

California Hybrid Vehicles

The California Air Resources Board has proposed new regulations to the state Legislature. The regulations would affect how many electric vehicles are able to hit the roads in 2025. The board’s regulations dictate that no less than one in seven new vehicles being sold in California must be hybrid or purely alternative energy vehicles. The state expects to see more than 1.4 million electric vehicles on the road in the next 14 years. By 2050, 87% of the vehicles in the state will be powered by hydrogen, if the board’s…

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Pike Research report paints a promising future for hydrogen transportation

Hydrogen Powered Cars

A new report from Pike Research, a market research firm specializing in alternative energy, shows that more than 1.2 million alternative energy vehicles will be sold by 2020. The massive number is attributed major efforts coming from the auto industry to push hydrogen fuel. Automakers are currently the leading advocates for hydrogen, championing an energy revolution that seeks to take transportation away from oil. While automakers are expected to continue building cars that run on fossil-fuels in the coming years, a growing number of companies are shifting their focus so…

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