Survey finds when gas prices decline so does consumer interest in alternative fuel vehicles

The primary reason most consumers would consider an AFV is to save on fuel costs. A recent alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) tracking study, conducted by the NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores), which examined U.S. consumer preferences in relation to vehicles powered by alternative fuel sources, has found that consumers are not as likely to considered switching to AFVs when the price of gas is lower. Since April, consumer interest in green vehicles has fallen. According to the NACS survey, 80 percent of participants who considered purchasing an AFV said…

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2013 Good Year For Electric Vehicle Sales

Anyone who thought the future would look like an episode of the Jetson’s will be glad to know that 2013 was great in terms of electric vehicle sales. According to an article by Scientific American, more than 90,000 fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids were purchased over the course of the year. Those sales are almost double from those of 2012. Factors that seemed to have affected sales include the bankruptcy filings of American electric vehicle start-ups Coda Automotive and Fisker Automotive, the latter of which received a loan from…

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Going Green in 2013: Alternative Vehicles for a New Year

Alternative Vehicles - 2014 M

Each new year begets a slew of new alternative vehicles and introduces the next wave of eco-friendly innovation. Clean transportation will continue to grow in 2013 with a greater selection of models and reduced prices. Here are some hybrid and electric vehicles available in 2013 that will color our planet a brighter shade of green. 2013 Tesla Model S Motor Trend named the 2013 Tesla Model S the car of the year, the first electric vehicle to receive the prestigious award in its 64 years. The Model S is “one…

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