Researchers develop new low cost battery for green energy storage

A battery made of low cost materials could make storing renewable energy more feasible. A study recently published in the ACS’ journal Chemistry of Materials, reveals that researchers have developed a battery for renewable energy storage, with an energy density that is practically identical to a lithium-ion battery. The battery was built using sodium and magnesium, low cost materials that could make the process of storing energy more affordable. Without storing electrical power from renewable sources, energy can be lost. Renewable energy is gaining ground, with more and more renewable…

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Microbial fuel cells could bring access to clean water and energy to millions

Hydrogen Fuel - New Product

Waste may be the answer to many country’s energy and water problems As the world’s population continues to expand without showing signs of slowing down, clean water and energy availability are becoming paramount issues. In developing countries, access to clean water and energy can be, at times, impossible. Many of these countries are unable to meet the needs of their citizens due to the high costs associated with comprehensive energy infrastructure and water procurement. Though clean water and energy may be rare in some parts of the world, there is…

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World’s first electrified snail generates electricity with a biofuel cell


Scientists from the Clarkson University in New York have created the world’s first electrified snail. The snail’s shell is equipped with a small biofuel cell that produces electricity. The snail is the latest addition in living organisms sporting their own energy systems. The science community has been interested in how energy systems can be integrated into living organisms for some time. Last year, a cockroach fitted with its own hydrogen fuel cell made its debut and was to be used as a new kind of spy device. Researchers implanted a…

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Nuclear energy could hold the key to the fabled “hydrogen economy”

nuclear energy

Since the Japanese earthquake of March 2011, nuclear power has been cast as the villain for much of the rest of the world. The quake triggered a serious nuclear crisis that threatened the health and safety of thousands of Japanese citizens. Had the crisis bloomed into a catastrophe, it would have overshadowed previous nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an intergovernmental forum focused on nuclear power, claims that there is a benefit to the energy that is being overlooked. IAEA member Ibrahim Khamis, Ph.D., spoke…

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Researchers make a single nanowire energy system, could change the future of alternative energy

Rice University - Hydrogen Fuel Research

As alternative fuel continues to garner more and more focus around the world, scientists are hard at work trying to solve some of the inherent problems of sustainable technology. Hydrogen fuel cells, one of the most powerful and efficient forms of alternative energy, are notorious for their vast expense. Solar panels have been hampered by bouts with inefficiency, as their energy supply is cut off when not facing the sun. These problems have kept sustainable fuel from becoming mainstream, but researchers at Rice University are looking for solutions. Nanotechnology may…

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