Tesla to build world’s largest battery system

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New battery system will be developed by Tesla Tesla Motors has been tapped to build the world’s largest battery system. The system will be developed in South Australia and is meant to be 60% larger than other large-scale battery systems. The project is being developed with the aid of the Australian government as well as Neoen, a French renewable energy company. A portion of the electricity stored by the battery system will come from the Hordnsdale Wind Farm. Tesla expects that the battery system will be able to provide as…

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Clean vehicles may have a promising future in Australia

Clean Vehicles - Road in Australia

Government aims to show more support for clean vehicles Clean vehicles may be the future of transportation in Australia, according to experts on the matter. Last month, two conferences highlighted the high potential of clean vehicles and how they can be used to make the transportation space more environmentally friendly and efficient. Late last month, the Australian government announced a $390,000 grant for the , which will support the adoption of electric vehicles of all kinds. Australia has been slow to embrace clean vehicles and renewable energy While the global…

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Researchers aim to produce renewable hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Research in Lab

Australian researchers launch new project focused on producing hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles Researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization have launched a new $2.5 million project to help develop technology that will provide fuel cell vehicles with the hydrogen they need to operate. The 2-year project aims to produce hydrogen without also generating a large amount of harmful emissions. The project will build upon research already carried out by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, which involved the separating of pure hydrogen from mixed gases. Project…

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Floating solar energy systems set to become more common

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Report highlights the growing attractiveness of floating solar energy systems The market for floating solar energy systems is on the rise, according to a new report from Global Market Insights. Floating solar panels are a relatively new concept, with developers using such panels to alleviate the limited land resources that are available in some markets. Such solar energy systems could be popular in several countries throughout the world, including Japan, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The report predicts that the market for floating solar panels will grow by 45% between…

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CSIRO works to develop new membrane technology to help fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Technology and Cars

New technology could make fuel cell vehicles more viable Scientists from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) are developing a new fuel cell membrane that may be able to make hydrogen production and distribution more viable for fuel cell vehicles. These efforts are part of a two-year project that is focused on producing pure hydrogen through the separation of mixed gases. Notably, the project is looking into converting ammonia into highly pure hydrogen, which can then be stored and used by a fuel cell to generate electrical power.…

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Norway aims to help Japan build a hydrogen society

Hydrogen Society - Image of highway

Norway and Australia are looking to provide Japan with hydrogen fuel Norway and Australia are competing with one another to provide the fuel needed for Japan’s efforts to establish a hydrogen society. Japan is working to transition away from conventional forms of energy in favor of using hydrogen fuel cells. These fuel cells are meant to be used to power vehicles, homes, and businesses and can operate without producing any harmful emissions. In order for a hydrogen society to take form in Japan, the country must have reliable access to…

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World’s largest solar energy project to begin construction in Australia

Solar Energy - Sunset in Australia

Lyon Group will be developing a massive solar energy project in Australia Construction on what may be the world’s largest solar energy project has begun in Australia. The project is being developed by the Lyon Group and several partners and cost approximately $1 billion. Called Riverland Solar Storage, the project will combine the use of solar panels with battery systems. The batteries will store the electrical power produced by the solar panels for use when it is most needed. Project will feature 3.4 million solar panels and 1.1 million batteries…

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Cost of solar energy falls below fossil-fuels in Australia

Solar Energy - Australian Sun

Solar energy is now less expensive than fossil-fuels A new report from Climate Council suggests that solar energy is now less expensive than fossil-fuels in most major Australian cities. Over the past five years, the cost of solar power has dropped significantly. According to the report, this cost has fallen by 58% over that time period. The falling price of solar energy has made it more attractive, encouraging more businesses and consumers to embrace this form of clean power and distance themselves from fossil-fuels. Costs continue to fall for the…

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New solar energy digital marketplace launches in Australia

Solar Energy - Solar Panels on Roof of Home

Decentralized Energy Exchange aims to expose more homeowners to solar energy Australia has become the first country to launch a digital marketplace for solar energy. Called the Decentralized Energy Exchange, the marketplace is designed to provide homeowners with a way to access solar power. Currently 16% of all clean power generated in Australia comes from rooftop solar panels. An estimated 1.6 million rooftops throughout the country have been equipped with photovoltaic systems. The new marketplace is expected to help more homeowners enter into the solar energy market. Australia is focusing…

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AsiaWEA forms to support the expansion of wind energy in the Asia-Pacific region

Wind Energy - Wind Project

New organization aims to support wind power in several countries A new wind energy association has been launched in Asia. Called AsiaWEA, the new organization will support the development of government policies as well as the research and development of both onshore and offshore wind energy systems. The organization is new accepting applications from businesses and agencies interested in clean power, with active membership slated to begin in January of 2017. Members will be accepted to quarterly meetings and seminars and AsiaWEA plans to host the first Asian Wind Energy…

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Suzlon to invest $3 billion in Australian wind energy industry

Suzlon to establish a stronger foothold in Australia Suzlon, a leading renewable energy company, has set its sights on Australia’s wind energy industry. The company has targeted some $3 billion in investments into the country’s wind power sector, which it believes will thrive in the near future. Over the next five years, Suzlon aims to join several other companies that have become involved in Australia’s wind energy industry. Through its upcoming investments, Suzlon hopes to install some 2 gigawatts of wind energy capacity in Australia. Wind energy continues to grow…

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New fuel cell vehicles to come to Australia in 2018

Hyundai will be bringing new fuel cell vehicles to Australia Hyundai Australia has confirmed that a new fuel cell vehicle will be launched in the country in 2018. Recently, Hyundai brought its first fuel cell vehicle to the country. The automaker delivered 20 of these vehicles, which are currently being used by the Australian government. Hyundai has been working to develop a new vehicle equipped with advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology and intends to showcase its new vehicle during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Country will work to…

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Automakers team to bolster hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Australia

Automakers will work to help build new hydrogen stations in Australia Hyundai and Toyota have joined together to help build a hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Australia. These efforts will be backed up by renewed government incentives promoting clean vehicles. Australia aims to establish itself as a leading clean transportation market, but bringing clean vehicles to the country, especially those equipped with fuel cells, has been quite difficult. This is partly due to lacking infrastructure, but lackluster government policy has also proven to be a problem. Toyota and Hyundai are working…

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New fuel cell car comes to Australia thanks to Toyota

Toyota Australia has imported three Mirai units for demonstration initiative Toyota Australia has brought three new fuel cell vehicles to Australia. The company believes that hydrogen fuel cells may be an ideal replacement for conventional drivetrains, allowing the transportation sector to become more environmentally friendly. Toyota’s Mirai is the automaker’s first step into fuel cell transportation. Three of these vehicles have been brought to Australia to demonstrate how viable these cars can be and to showcase their performance. Fuel cell car produces no harmful emissions and operates on electricity Toyota…

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Wind energy industry in Australia is seeing more support from individual states

Australian states are investing more heavily in wind power The wind energy industry is beginning to find more success in Australia. This is largely thanks to the efforts being made by individual states, many of whom are looking to meet new environmental goals. This week, a new 100 megawatt wind farm began operation in South Australia. The wind farm was developed by Neoen and Siemens, both companies that hold a strong position in the wind energy industry. The new wind farm is expected to contribute to South Australia’s continued efforts…

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Wind energy market continues to show promising growth in Australia

Wind power is making impressive progress in Australia Wind energy has been making significant progress in Australia recently and the sector reached a major milestone in May of this year. Pitt & Sherry, an analysis firm, notes that four Australian states have reported record wind power production in May. South Australia, Victoria, New Wales, and Tasmania have all reached a new high in terms of wind production, highlighting the continued growth of the wind energy market in Australia. 3.9 GW of electrical power was produced by wind farms in May…

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