Electric vehicles could come to dominate the transportation market sooner than expected

Electric Vehicles - Sign for EV Charging Station

Clean vehicles are gaining ground very quickly Electric vehicles may take over the transportation space sooner than expected. In the United States, transportation has traditionally accounted for the majority of emissions produced within the country, surpassing the energy sector despite the country’s massive consumption of electrical power. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), however, this is no longer the case. The EIA has reported that in 2016, the energy sector surpassed transportation in terms of emissions production, highlighting the rising impact of clean vehicles in the sector. Transportation emissions…

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SimpleFuel builds new appliance to allow drivers to power their fuel cell vehicles at home

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Home Garage and Vechile

SimpleFuel wins prize from Department of Energy SimpleFuel, a collaboration of three separate companies, has been awarded a $1 million prize from the Department of Energy for a new appliance that could make fuel cell vehicles much more attractive to consumers. The appliance is a hydrogen home-fueling station. The purpose of the appliance is to allow those with fuel cell vehicles to generate hydrogen at home rather than force them to travel to a standalone hydrogen station, of which there are few. Home refueling could make fuel cell vehicles more…

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Study highlights the benefits of battery electric vehicles over those with fuel cells

New study draws attention to the advantages of battery electric vehicles A new study from researchers at Stanford University in the United States and the Technical University in Germany suggest that plug-in electric vehicles may be significantly more viable than their counterparts powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The study envisions a scenario approximately 30 years from now when new technology is more widely used and considerably more affordable. The study also envisions a future where a comprehensive infrastructure capable of supporting battery electrics and fuel cell vehicles comfortably. Batteries may…

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Fuel cell vehicles may outpace battery electrics in the coming years

Report highlights the growing popularity of fuel cell vehicles Vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells are on track to catch up with battery electric vehicles in the coming years, according to the Global Market for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles report. The report notes that fuel cell vehicles have several advantages over their battery-powered counterparts. One of these advantages has to do with fueling. While electric vehicles can take several hours to fully charge, those equipped with hydrogen fuel cells only take minutes to fuel completely. This has proven to be…

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Electric vehicles may struggle without fast chargers

Fast charging technology is needed to improve the adoption of electric vehicles Electric vehicles may have trouble gaining traction among consumers, and this could be due to the failures of infrastructure. Toyota, which has had a major stake in the clean transportation sector for several years, believes that the lack of fast charging technology will slow the adoption of electric vehicles. This technology is designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to charge a vehicle’s battery system, but there is a lack of fast charging stations in many prominent…

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China may be a battleground between hydrogen fuel cells and batteries

Auto industry sees major promise in China The auto industry is currently experiencing something of a revolution. Throughout the world, nations are embracing more environmentally friendly emissions regulations, with many of these regulations targeting transportation specifically. In order to continue participating in prominent markets, automakers have begun producing vehicles that comply with these regulations, thus leading to an increased focus on battery electric vehicles and those that run on hydrogen fuel cells. This has also caused a rift within the auto industry itself and sparked extreme competition between battery electrics…

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New partnership aims to promote clean transportation

Eight states join together to make advances in clean transportation A new partnership has formed in the U.S. that aims to promote clean transportation throughout the country. The partnership is comprised of eight states, including California and Connecticut. These states have committed funding to the advancement of zero-emissions vehicles in an effort to reduce their impact on the environment and curb the emissions that the transportation sector is responsible for. The partnership hopes to see an abundance of zero-emissions vehicles on state roadways by 2025. $3.3 million devoted to promoting…

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Grant program for electric vehicles extended in British Columbia

British Columbia Supports Electric Vehicles

Province aims to continue support of electric vehicles The Canadian province of British Columbia has become a strong supporter of clean transportation in recent years. The province has set up for itself ambitious emissions reduction goals that it plans to meet without trouble. Clean transportation is to play a significant role in this endeavor, as conventional vehicles contribute heavily to the emissions problem that the province has targeted. The province currently offers a financial incentive to encourage residents to purchase electric vehicles, such as those equipped with hydrogen fuel cells.…

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XP Technology files suit against Department of Energy

Fracking Law

XP Technology looks to take federal agency to court XP Technology, developers of innovative new vehicles, have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Energy. The suit comes as the response to being rejected from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program. The program provide financial backing to automakers that are developing electric vehicles and those that operate on hydrogen fuel. According to the suit, XP Technology is accusing the Department of Energy of “corruption and negligence” in regards to how it handled the rejection process. Advanced…

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Hydrogen-powered vehicles may be a hard sell

Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Vs. Electric Cars

Hydrogen-powered vehicles to square off with battery electrics Hydrogen transportation has been gaining a great deal of traction in recent months. Most of the world’s major automakers are heavily invested in the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles. Those that are not have committed much of their focus to lithium-ion batteries. Both batteries and fuel cells are now set to compete for the affections of drivers around the world, but automakers are likely to face a larger challenge in selling hydrogen-powered vehicles than those that use batteries. Analysts see automakers committed to…

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California may serve as an example that others will follow

Hydrogen Fuel Cars - California

Emissions standards could lead other states to follow suit Tradition can be a strong force in the world of politics. California has long been a leader in terms of environmentally friendly legislation. The actions of the country are, traditionally, mimicked by ten other states and this has been the case for several years. California is on the verge of finalizing a law that would require automakers to release a minimum number of zero emission vehicles in the state. This measure is expected to be approved within the coming months, making…

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