Bloom Energy hydrogen fuel cell installed in Japan

Company’s first Japanese fuel cell is now active Bloom Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced the completion of its first international installation of one of its fuel cells. The fuel cell was installed at SoftBank’s M-Tower in Fukouka, Japan. SoftBank is one of Japan’s largest telecommunications organizations and Internet providers and has been showing a strong interest in fuel cells for some time. These energy systems have garnered a great deal of attention from telecommunications companies around the world because of their ability to reliably provide…

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Hydrogen fuel cells to become more available thanks to Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy launches leasing program to promote adoption of hydrogen fuel cells Bloom Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has unveiled a new leasing program that could make fuel cells more available to businesses. The company has partnered with Bank of America Merrill Lynch in order for the sake of this program. Through the program, businesses will have unprecedented access to Bloom Energy Servers, powerful fuel cells that have garnered acclaim for their ability to produce large amount of electrical power without producing any emissions. Leasing program backed…

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Bloom Energy to form hydrogen fuel joint venture in Japan

Hydrogen fuel partnership

Asian market proves attractive to hydrogen fuel cell developers Bloom Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been working to expand the adoption of its line of solid oxide fuel cells. These types of fuel cells are typically used for industrial purposes, but have grown more popular as residential energy systems. Over the past few years, Bloom Energy has been able to supply these fuel cells to prominent consumers throughout the U.S. Now, the company is preparing itself to enter into foreign markets, hoping to find success outside…

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Hydrogen fuel could be replaced by natural gas in the Bloom Box

Hydrogen fuel cells Bloom boxes

Bloom Energy shows off its new hydrogen fuel cell The relationship between hydrogen fuel cells and natural gas has been heating up for some time. Fuel cells need hydrogen to operate, but just because hydrogen is the most abundant chemical in the universe does not mean that it is easily found on earth. Most of the world’s hydrogen is tied to other chemicals, such as oxygen. As such, hydrogen must be extracted from the substances that it helps create, such as water. To do this, energy is needed and natural…

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