China continues spending vast sums to support renewable energy

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Clean power continues to find financial support from the Chinese government China continues to show its commitment to renewable energy by supporting the sector financially. The country has been the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases for some time, but the government has been working to cut emissions in order to become more environmentally friendly. In this pursuit, China has become one of the largest investors in clean power in the world. The country now dwarfs the investments that are made by the United States, which is the second largest…

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Renewable energy makes impressive gains in the United States

Renewable Energy - Solar Power

Report highlights the growth that clean power saw in 2017 Clean power saw impressive growth in the United States last year. The country’s renewable energy capacity grew significantly in 2017, with wind, solar, and hydropower finding greater degrees of success throughout the country. Efforts to embrace clean technology, such as hydrogen fuel cells, also grow more aggressive, as many states worked to make transportation more environmentally friendly. Last year, approximately 18% of all electricity generated in the United States was generated using renewable energy sources, according to a report from…

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Majority of electric vehicles are acquired through leasing programs

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Study shows most consumers lease their clean vehicles The penetration of electric vehicles in the United States is heavily reliant on leasing, according to a new study from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. In many cases, leasing allows consumers to avoid potentially high upfront costs. In the case of vehicles equipped with fuel cells, leasing programs also grant consumers guaranteed access to the hydrogen fuel they need to power these vehicles. The study shows that the vast majority of electric vehicles and hybrids in the United States are gained through leasing…

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Solar energy capacity set to break records in China

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China’s solar capacity is swelling quickly Despite prevailing curtailment issues, China is on track to install a record breaking amount of solar energy capacity this year. The country’s solar power sector has been growing at a very rapid pace, making China the world’s leading solar market. The rate at which solar capacity has been growing has lead many analysts and energy researchers to boost their forecasts by as much as 80%. These researchers and analysts believe that China’s solar energy capacity will only continue gaining momentum well into the future.…

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Solar energy set to become one of the world’s leading forms of power

Solar Energy - Earth

Report highlights the future prospects of solar energy Solar energy is poised to play a major role in the world’s power supply in the coming years. A recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that both wind and solar energy will supply more electrical power to the world than other forms of energy by 2040. Solar, in particular, may experience an economic boom in the near future, largely due to its growing popularity and the falling price of photovoltaic technology. Solar and wind are becoming less expensive than coal…

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Solar energy may strike a blow against coal industry by 2040

Solar Energy - Coal

Inexpensive solar energy may prove to be a problem for the coal industry By 2040, inexpensive solar energy may deal a grievous blow to the coal industry, according to a new study from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The study highlights the rapidly falling cost of solar power and its associated technologies. As prices continue to drop, it is becoming easier to embrace solar energy. Bloomberg predicts that solar power will actually be less expensive than coal in most parts of the world by 2021, which may trigger a major shift…

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Renewable energy is becoming less expensive than coal

Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal

New report highlights the increasingly affordable nature of renewable energy Unsubsidized wind and solar power have become the least expensive forms of new energy generation. A new report from the United Nations and Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that renewable energy experienced a significant reduction in cost last year. As clean power systems begin to not rely on subsidies from governments, the electricity they generated is becoming less expensive than that generated by coal. Cost of clean power is falling quickly According to the report, the total cost of generating…

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Solar energy reaches new heights in 2016

Solar Energy Reaches New Milestone

The solar energy industry nearly doubled in size last year In 2016, solar energy in the United States grew at an unprecedented rate. A new report from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association shows that solar installations doubled last year over what they had been in 2015. The report notes that solar energy accounted for 39% of all new energy generation capacity in the United States last year, breaking previous records and establishing solar as the leading form of clean power in the country. The economics of solar…

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Solar energy is becoming less expensive than coal and wind

New highlights the major accomplishment the solar sector has achieved The solar energy space has accomplished something that was previously thought impossible. According to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, solar power is now the world’s least expensive form of energy. In the past, solar power has managed to find major success in various parts of the world, particularly the Middle East, where sunlight is abundant. The data from Bloomberg shows that solar power is now less expensive than wind and coal, making it a very attractive form of electrical…

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Solar energy could power nearly 100 million homes by 2020

Off-grid solar market could reach $3.1 billion by 2020 As many as 100 million homes throughout the world are set to be powered by solar energy by 2020, according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The report shows that the off-grid solar market, which primarily serves the residential sector, has grown by $700 million. Just 10 years ago, this market was nearly non-existent. By 2020, this market is expected to reach $3.1 billion as more homeowners begin using solar power systems. Demand for reliable access to electrical…

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Renewable energy investments rose throughout the world in 2014

Report shows that 2014 saw more investment activity in the renewable energy space The United Nations Environment Program has released a new report, with the aid of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The report shows that investments in renewable energy rose in 2014, with more organizations, both public and private, funneling funds into the clean power space as a way to support its growth. Many countries, as well as the companies that call them home, have been growing more interested in renewable energy and are providing the sector with a growing…

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Japan may soon be the world’s leading solar energy market

China could lose its spot as top solar market to Japan China may soon lose its spot as the world’s leading solar energy market as Japan becomes a very prominent player in the global scene. Li Junfeng, Director General of China’s National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, gave an interview recently in which he suggested that China may only be able to install 10 gigawatts of solar capacity this year. While this may still be a major accomplishment for the country, this will fall short of China’s…

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Global utility-scale solar energy capacity reaches 30 GW

Global solar power capacity reaches a new record, according to Wiki-Solar information Wiki-Solar, a solar energy information group, has released data concerning the global capacity of utility-scale solar installations. According to Wiki-Solar, global utility-scale solar capacity has reached 30 gigawatts, with 8.8 gigawatts of capacity coming online earlier this year. This represents the fifth consecutive year in which global solar capacity has increased and there are no signs that this growth is slowing down in the foreseeable future. Small countries are helping drive growth in capacity Several countries have contributed…

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Renewable energy adoption accelerating in Africa

More clean energy to be installed throughout Africa this year than from 2000 to 2013 Africa is set to see more growth in the entirety of its renewable energy sector this year than it had from 2000 to 2013. According to research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the continent is approaching an energy tipping point, where clean power is becoming more popular among African countries than traditional forms of energy. Several countries have begun to turn to clean energy in order to find economic prosperity and become more environmentally friendly.…

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Renewable energy investments are growing

Report highlights investment activity in the clean energy space Renewable energy investments are beginning to grow at a rapid pace, according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The report highlights investment activity in the clean energy sector every quarter. This investment activity is often indicative of the overall support that clean energy is receiving throughout the world and such funding typically dictates whether or not new energy projects will reach completion or remain in a sort of developmental limbo. Clean energy investments grow by 33% during the…

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Report highlights growth of renewable energy investments

Clean energy investments to skyrocket over the next 15 years Bloomberg New Energy Finance has released its new 2030 Market Outlook report, highlighting the growing investments in renewable energy. Investing in clean power has become quite popular throughout the world, especially among governments that are looking to take advantage of the economic benefits of certain forms of clean energy. Businesses are also beginning to invest in clean energy quite heavily, aiming to cut costs on energy expenditures in the future and comply with emissions regulations coming from the world’s governments.…

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