London’s police set to use fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - UK Police Vehicle

Metropolitan Police Service has acquired 11 new fuel cell vehicles London’s Metropolitan Police Service (Met) has embraced fuel cell vehicles. The service has acquired 11 Toyota Mirai vehicles, which come in both marked and unmarked form. According to Toyota, the first of these vehicles has already been delivered. The new fuel cell vehicles represent the Met’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly and reduce emissions associated with the conventional cars that are used on a daily basis. New cars will help the police service cut down on emissions The new…

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Britain is the fourth most attractive renewable energy market in the world

Britain proves an alluring renewable energy market Britain has become the world’s fourth most attractive renewable energy market, increasing one place from its previous position in the Ernst & Young quarterly ranking report released this week. The country’s aggressive focus on clean power has helped it become a more promising location for renewable energy projects and investors have been flocking to Britain in order to find success. Notably, offshore wind energy has managed to find a strong foothold in the United Kingdom, which has contributed to Britain’s recent success in…

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