Electric vehicles could come to dominate the transportation market sooner than expected

Electric Vehicles - Sign for EV Charging Station

Clean vehicles are gaining ground very quickly Electric vehicles may take over the transportation space sooner than expected. In the United States, transportation has traditionally accounted for the majority of emissions produced within the country, surpassing the energy sector despite the country’s massive consumption of electrical power. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), however, this is no longer the case. The EIA has reported that in 2016, the energy sector surpassed transportation in terms of emissions production, highlighting the rising impact of clean vehicles in the sector. Transportation emissions…

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BP eyes further investments in the wind energy market

Company begins to consider expanding investments in clean power BP, formerly British Petroleum, has begun considering its first significant investment in renewable energy in five years. The company is currently considering expanding its business in the United States’ wind energy sector, which has been showing strong growth in recent years. The availability of the Production Tax Credit, which provides financial assistance for wind energy projects, continues to help secure growth for the wind sector. This federal initiative has created many new opportunities for companies like BP that have shown strong…

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Bill Gates to invest $2 billion in renewable energy

Gates shows more support for clean power Acclaimed billionaire Bill Gates has announced that he will be making sizeable investments in renewable energy initiatives, particularly those that make use of innovative technologies. Gates has become known as a prominent supporter of clean energy and sustainability, investing aggressively in solar power and similar types of energy. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a history of investing in environmentally conscious pursuits, but the organization also has a stake in the fossil-fuel sector, as it is invested in companies like British Petroleum.…

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BP looks to sell off wind energy assets

BP aims to shed wind energy assets to focus on fossil-fuels British Petroleum (BP) has announced plans to sell all of its wind energy assets in the U.S. Despite the company’s name, BP has long been focused on diversifying its energy portfolio and accounts for several renewable energy assets around the world. The company is, of course, primarily focused on the production of oil. In recent years, BP has been showing more interest in renewable energy, particularly wind, but has begun to shift its focus back toward fossil-fuels. Wind assets…

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Biofuels produced from century-old technology

biofuels alternative energy

Researchers eye old technology to produce biofuels Researchers from the U.S. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have discovered that a technology formerly used to produce explosives can be repurposed for the production of biofuels. The technology makes use of a bacterium known as Clostridium acetobutylicum and was widely used over a century ago to produce artillery shells and bullets. This technology gave way to more efficient forms of production, but researchers have found that it has a great deal of promise in the realm of alternative energy. The technology is so…

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Sempra Energy teams with BP to show how effective wind energy can be

Biofuel research

The future of the wind power industry in the U.S. is still unknown. At the end of this year, a development tax credit provided to energy companies is scheduled to expire. This tax credit has made it possible for companies to develop wind energy systems in the country. Federal lawmakers have had several opportunities to extend the credit, but none have yet touched upon the issue, showing mild disdain for the lackluster progress seen in the industry. Sempra Energy, an alternative energy company based in California, is taking the issue…

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