Canada’s hydrogen industry set to attract more investments

Hydrogen Industry Canada - Canadian Flag

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association receives some $670,000 in funding Hydrogen companies in Western Canada are set to see more growth as the industry receives a new influx of investments. The government has announced more than $670,000 in funding for the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. The organization provides support to various corporations, governments, and institutes that are interested in fuel cells and hydrogen. The funding is expected to help bolster activity within the country’s hydrogen industry, which has been experiencing significant growth in recent years. Funding will…

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Toyota Canada aims to help develop a hydrogen infrastructure in Quebec

Toyota Canada has announced that it will be working with Transition Energetique Quebec in order to study the market requirements of developing a hydrogen infrastructure in Quebec.

Automaker teams with energy organization in order to address infrastructure challenges Toyota Canada has announced that it will be working with Transition Energetique Quebec in order to study the market requirements of developing a hydrogen infrastructure in Quebec. Toyota is currently working on promoting its first fuel cell vehicle throughout the world. Called the Mirai, the vehicle represents the company’s latest endeavors in the clean transportation space. In order for fuel cell vehicles to find success, however, they must have the support of a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure. Government show strong…

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Ontario to test the viability of hydrogen fuel cells for electric trains

Fuel Cells - GO Transit Trains

Government may use hydrogen fuel cells in order to power GO Transit network The government of Ontario, Canada, is looking to electrify its GO Transit railway network in order to promote clean transportation. The government is set to launch a feasibility study concerning hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used to power electric trains. Fuel cells have become quite popular in the transportation space, particularly where public transit is concerned. These energy systems produce no harmful emissions and consume hydrogen in order to generate electrical power. Fuel cells…

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Hydrogen fuel infrastructure pilot project set to launch in British Columbia

Canadian project aims to expand the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure A new pilot project is set to launch in British Columbia, Canada. The Capital Regional District (CRD) finance committee has granted approval for a new hydrogen fuel station, which will be built in Greater Victoria. The project will cost approximately $2 million. While the project has already received approval by the financial committee, it must still be ratified by the Capital Regional District board members. If ultimately successful, the project would be one of the largest hydrogen-focused initiatives in Canada.…

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Study shows Canadians are interested in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Study highlights Canada as an attractive market for fuel cell vehicles from Hyundai and other companies South Korean automaker Hyundai began leasing its new fuel cell vehicle, the ix35, in certain Canadian markets earlier this year. In order to better gauge consumer interest in the vehicle, the automaker has commissioned a new study from Ipsos Reid. The study shows that consumers in Canada have shown a great deal of interest in hydrogen fuel cells and how they may be able to improve the transportation space. Fuel cells have already managed…

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Ballard forms deal with Chinese company to bring hydrogen fuel cells to China

Trade deal with China may signal a bright future for hydrogen fuel cells Canada recently launched a trade mission to China, sending several businesses from British Columbia to the country to establish new deals. One of these companies was Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells. China has been growing more aggressive on the renewable energy front, looking to reduce harmful emissions that have lead to a severe air pollution epidemic throughout the country. Fuel cells may soon serve as a way for China to become more…

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Majority of Canadians are interested in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Study shows that fuel cell vehicles are winning the hearts of Canadian consumers Many Canadians believe that hydrogen fuel cells, and not batteries, will be the future of the transportation space. Hyundai has released a new study that provides insight into what Canadian consumers want to see from the auto industry. According to the study, which was carried out with the aid of Ipsos Reid and Offsetters, fuel cells have more appeal than batteries to those that are interested in clean transportation. Majority of consumers believe that fuel cell vehicles…

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CSA Group to test hydrogen fuel and natural gas storage solutions

Canadian government shows support for new testing site that will help relax safety concerns regarding clean vehicles The Canadian government has announced that it will be providing funding to a project being run by the CSA Group, a testing and certification organization that has a focus on various industries. The project involves the creation of a field test site where high-pressure hydrogen fuel and natural gas components with be tested and certified for use in the auto industry. There are some concerns regarding the safety of storage solutions that are…

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Hydrogen fuel bus fleet to be sold off in Canada

BC Transit has put an end to its experiment with fuel cell buses British Columbia, Canada, will be selling off its fleet of hydrogen fuel buses in the coming months. BC Transit, which had operated the buses, had acquired these vehicles for the 2010 Olympic Games. The buses were part of larger plan to showcase the potential of hydrogen fuel cells and how these vehicles could be used in transportation. Hydrogen fuel has become quite popular in the public transit space, but the cost of fuel cells is beginning to…

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Hyundai to bring hydrogen fuel vehicle to Canada

Hyundai to become the first automaker to offer a fuel cell vehicle in Canada South Korean automaker Hyundai will be the first in the auto industry to offer Canadian consumers a chance to drive a fuel cell vehicle. The automaker has announced that it will be bringing its hydrogen-powered Tucson to Canada, making it the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle to be sold in the country. The company will be releasing this vehicle in Vancouver, British Columbia, in early 2015, at the same time that Toyota will be launching its…

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New hydrogen fuel cells coming to energy project in Canada

Renewable energy project enters its second phase and will  incorporate new fuel cells The Ramea Wind-Hydrogen-Diesel Project is beginning its second phase, which is expected to last for the next five years. The project  is meant to show how traditional diesel generators can be displaced through the introduction of wind energy and hydrogen fuel. The construction of the project was completed in 2010 and it has been generating electrical power since then. Nalcor, the organization managing the project, is now pushing ahead with plans to build and incorporate new hydrogen…

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Hydrogen fuel organizations team to promote trade

Hydrogen fuel partnership - Canada and Scotland

Hydrogen fuel organizations sign groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) and the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) have signed a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding this week. The two organizations have come together to form a trans-continental partnership that is designed to promote hydrogen fuel cells and their various uses. The new partnership is expected to boost international trade and relations, especially when it comes to the matter of renewable energy and clean technology. Organizations continue to promote the capabilities of fuel cells…

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Canada devotes $82 million to renewable energy

Canada Renewable Energy

Canada continues to be a hub for renewable energy innovation Canada has been showing some strong support for various forms of renewable energy in recent years. The country is home to several ambitious projects concerning the use of hydrogen fuel and wind energy. The Canadian government is one among several around the world that is beginning to consider climate change to be a serious threat. While the government may be unable to devote the entirety of its resources to the support of renewable energy, the government has announced that more…

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Breakthrough could make hydrogen fuel more practical

Hydrogen Fuel Research Canada

Hydrogen fuel may win more support through new breakthrough Researchers from the University of Calgary in Canada claim that they have made a significant breakthrough in the field of renewable energy, one that could make the use of clean power more practical in the future. This breakthrough involves hydrogen fuel, its production, and its use as a storage medium for other forms of renewable power. Of all the sources of renewable energy, hydrogen fuel is often the one that receives the most criticism. The costs associated with hydrogen fuel are…

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Hydrogen fuel wins new support in Canada

Canada Hydrogen Fuel News

Canadian government invests in hydrogen fuel Hydrogen fuel cells are receiving some much needed support in Canada. The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association has announced that it has received new funding from the Canadian government. The funding will help the organization pursue several projects focused on hydrogen fuel and promote education concerning how fuel cells actually work. Canada is home to some of the most innovative fuel cell developers in the world, and the government has shown strong interest in supporting the hydrogen fuel industry to ensure that Canada…

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New FuelCell Energy project focuses on renewable hydrogen fuel production

British Columbia - Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogen fuel production targeted as main focus of new project FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has won a contract to demonstrate the capabilities of a new fuel cell energy system in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The fuel cell system will generate electrical power but will receive the hydrogen gas it uses from a nearby landfill. The gas acquired through the landfill will be purified by Quadrogen Power Systems into high quality hydrogen, which will then be used to generate renewable electrical power.…

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