Hawaii aims to go carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral - Hawaii Palm Trees - Sun - Renewables

New legislation aims to make Hawaii carbon neutral by 2045 New legislation in Hawaii could ensure that the state will soon rid itself of fossil-fuels.  Governor David Ige has signed a bill that aims to make Hawaii completely carbon neutral by 2045. This represents the most ambitious and aggressive environmental policy in the whole of the United States. Hawaii is already home to a rapidly growing clean energy market and this new legislation may add momentum to this growth. State continues to lead the way in environmentalism Hawaii has already…

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Saudi Arabia continues to push for alternative energy

Saudi Arabia Renewable Energy

Saudi Arabia aims for energy independence Saudi Arabia has been making waves in alternative energy news recently. The country is one of the world’s top exporters of oil, but has begun seeing longevity problems with its production of the fossil-fuels. Growing tensions in the Middle East, more countries looking to renewable sources of energy, and other factors are making oil production more costly. It is becoming more difficult for Saudi Arabia to mitigate these costs through the sale of oil. As such, the country is making bold steps to become…

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New fuel cell uses bacteria, wastewater and salt water to form a self-sustaining fuel system

Hydrogen Research

Researchers from the Pennsylvania State University have found a way to produce hydrogen from wastewater without having to rely on grid electricity. The discovery revolves around salt water and accounts for an “inexhaustible” source of hydrogen fuel, according to researchers. Using a microbial fuel cell packed with a certain kind of bacteria, researchers have been able to produce hydrogen through electrolysis using nothing more than wastewater and salt water. The process is entirely carbon-neutral, making it one of the cleanest forms of energy production known to man. Microbial fuel cells…

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Panasonic opens new research and development office in Germany, hopes to expand the use of hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Panasonic, the famed electronics company, is taking the next step in their effort to expand hydrogen fuel. The company has announced that it will be launching a new research and development office in Germany. The office will focus on developing fuel cells to be used in residential areas throughout Europe. The initiative will draw together some of the more alternative-fuel-minded utility companies in Europe in the effort of expanding hydrogen acceptance. Fuel cells are becoming a staple for the transportation industries future, but Panasonic believes that the technology can have…

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