Kenya Clean Water Project generates carbon credits

Fracking - Drinking Water Contamination

Kenya Clean Water Project begins offsetting carbon emissions Clean water is a very important issue for much of the developing world. Many communities in developing countries lack access to water that is clean enough to drink. These communities must often settle for water that contains diseases and harmful organisms. The Kenya Clean Water Project is helping solve this problem and is even reducing carbon emissions in Africa by generating carbon credits. These credits can be purchased and used by companies to avoid some of the stringent emissions regulations that can…

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Societe Generale surpasses emissions reduction targets

Hydrogen Fuel gains hype

Societe Generale aiming for complete carbon neutrality Societe Generale, one of the largest banks in Europe, has surpassed the goals it has set for itself through its carbon neutrality plan. The bank, which is based in France, adopted this plan in early 2008, with a goal to reduce carbon emissions per occupant by 11% each year until the end of 2012. To accomplish this goal, the bank adopted a mix of alternative energy and internal carbon taxation. This proved to be a powerful combination, as it helped Societe Generale exceed…

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