China to extend tax rebates for clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles Tax Rebate in China - Chinese Yaun

Clean cars will continue to receive financial support from the Chinese government China’s finance ministry has announced that it will be extending tax rebates for clean vehicles. This tax rebate was meant to expire at the end of this year, but has been extended until December of 2020. The announcement has been welcomed by automakers, many of whom plan to release new clean vehicles in China within the next year. The tax rebate covers vehicles that are equipped with batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as plug-in hybrids. Government…

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Clean vehicles may soon become China’s primary focus

Clean Vehicles - Cars on road in Chinese City

Government is looking into plans to ban the sale of all conventional vehicles in the future China may soon embrace a more aggressive stance on transportation. The Chinese government has announced that it is currently forming plans to ban the sale of all vehicles powered by fossil-fuels. The country is following the United Kingdom, France, and Norway in this endeavor. These countries have committed to banning conventional vehicles in the future in order to support the adoption of clean vehicles that produce no harmful emissions. Transportation sector is becoming more…

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Clean vehicles get more support in Beijing

Automotive group announces that Beijing has plans for clean vehicles The Beijing Automotive Group has announced that the Beijing government will be pushing for more clean vehicles to come to the city’s roads this year. The city has been showing aggressive support for clean transportation in recent years, hoping to cut down on the emissions that have choked it for some time. Supporting clean transportation aligns with the city’s overarching renewable energy goals, which have also begun to take root in other cities throughout China. City government aims to quadruple…

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