New EV Battery Recycling program to be launched in China

EV battery recycling - Sign for EV Charging Station

China wants to implement a recycling strategy to prevent future pollution problems. In the not-so-distant future, EV battery recycling is expected to become a significant part of the electric vehicle (EV) supply chain and China isn’t wasting any time on developing recycling standards for these used batteries. Lithium battery waste could reach an estimated 170,000 tons by 2020. In as little as two years, experts have warned that annual lithium battery waste (this includes batteries used in electric vehicles) could reach 170,000 tons, reported Reuters. Data that was recently published…

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Clean vehicles are thriving in China

Clean Vehicles - Green Car - Electric Vehicle - Electric Charging

China continues to lead in the clean transportation market China could soon establish an insurmountable lead in the market for clean vehicles. The country is already the world’s leading market for electric cars, but its market share continues to grow at a rapid pace. In March of this year, more than 59,000 clean vehicles were sold throughout the country. This represents an 85% increase over the amount of such vehicles that were sold during the same period last year. Throughout the first quarter of this year, more than 122,000 clean…

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China continues its fight against air pollution with electric vehicles and renewable energy

Electric Vehicles - EV Parking Sign on Road

China is working toward a more environmentally friendly and healthier future China is fighting against air pollution like never before in its long history. The Chinese government is quickly enacting new policies that place strict regulations on emission production. These policies are forcing many large companies to make a dramatic shift in energy production, favoring clean power. China’s increasingly environmentally friendly policies align well with the government’s plans concerning clean and electric vehicles. These policies and China’s clean transportation endeavors are having a major impact on the world at large.…

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GM seeks to find profit with electric vehicles in China

electric vehicls - Cars Charging

GM is looking to the Chinese market to make electric vehicles profitable General Motors is moving forward with its plans to make electric vehicles profitable. Last month, the automaker ensured shareholders that it would accomplish this goal by 2021. How the company planned to do this was unclear at the time. Now, however, GM seems to plan to divide its focus in order to meet its goal. Domestically, the company will continue developing conventional vehicles. Most of its focus with electric vehicles will be focused on China, however. Automakers are…

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China is leading the transportation market with electric vehicles

Uber EV Champions Initiative - Electric Vehicles - Green Car

China is focusing more heavily on electric vehicles China has become the dominating force in the clean transportation market. The country became the world’s largest vehicle market with more than 28 million cars sold in 2016. Unfortunately, the transportation field has committed heavily to the country’s air pollution problems. As such, the government has targeted vehicles in order to reduce emissions. Now, government regulations and standards may end up affecting the rest of the auto industry and its plans concerning electric vehicles. Government standards require automakers to sell a certain…

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Volkswagen aims to bring new electric vehicles to China

Electric Vehicles - Volkawagen Logo on Car

Automaker has a $11.8 billion plan to bring electric vehicles into the Chinese market German automaker Volkswagen has an ambitious plan when it comes to China’s clean transportation market. The company is looking to bring new electric vehicles to China in order to take advantage of the growing demand for such cars. Volkswagen will be investing more than $11.8 billion in this endeavor over the next seven years. China is currently the world’s leading market for electric vehicles. More of these cars are sold in the country than anywhere else.…

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Tesla to bring electric vehicles to China

Electric Vehicles - Tesla Charging Station

Tesla has made a deal to build a new factory in Shanghai Tesla has plans to build a new factory in China. The automaker has reportedly reached an arrangement with the Shanghai government to develop this new factory in the city’s free-trade zone. Notably, Tesla would be responsible for operating the facility itself. This represents a major victory for Tesla, as foreign companies must typically form partnerships with local organizations in order to develop such projects in China. The new factory could give Tesla a major foothold in China, where…

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Drivers are ready to embrace electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles - driver holding steering wheel

Survey shows that more drivers are prepared to purchase electric vehicles in the next five years Drivers are prepared to purchase more electric vehicles in the near future, according to a new survey from Dalia Research. The survey draws information from some 43,000 people in 52 different countries. The majority of these respondents noted that they have a strong interest in electric vehicles, which is good news for the clean transportation sector. This may also encourage automakers to focus more heavily on developing clean vehicles in order to take advantage…

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Market In China Exhibit To 115.84% CAGR During 2016-2020: MarketResearchReports.Biz

About the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Market in China China has been aggressive in its efforts to promote EV adoption, primarily to cope with the growing pollution scenario. China was placed at the top of the nations with the most carbon dioxide emissions in 2011. Chinas tremendous economic growth has been riding on the countrys manufacturing sector, which has been a key contributor to the emissions. Apart from the manufacturing sector, industrial segments such as thermal power plants have also contributed largely to the countrys carbon emissions. The share of…

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China aims to throw more support behind electric vehicles

Government intends to develop a better infrastructure to support electric vehicles The Chinese government intends to speed up the construction of a national network designed to charge electric vehicles. The country has become more supportive of clean transportation in recent years, looking to reduce the emissions found in its largest cities. These emissions have been linked with serious health concerns and several cities have begun taking steps to limit the number of conventional vehicles on their roads and support clean vehicles. The Chinese government wants to see 5 million clean…

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Electric vehicles find foothold in China

Electric vehicle sales are on the rise throughout China Electric vehicles are gaining more attention in China, according to a new report from RNR Market Research. The report notes that in 2014, many consumers opted to purchase an electric vehicle. This shift in the market away from conventional vehicles is due to numerous factors. Firstly, several city governments have imposed regulations that limit the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines, while offering financial aid to those purchasing electric vehicles. This is meant to mitigate the production of harmful emissions…

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Fuel cell vehicles may benefit from lack of competition

Vehicles equipped with fuel cells may soon become much more popular Fuel cell vehicles will be entering the commercial market beginning in 2015 and these vehicles may be able to find more success than some may think. Vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells have yet to garner any significant popularity. These vehicles tend to be more expensive than their traditional counterparts, due to the high costs associated with fuel cell technology, and they do not have the support of a widespread fuel infrastructure. These issues may not be as problematic…

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Volkswagen to launch more than 20 new electric vehicles in China

The launch of green cars will help with China’s serious smog problem. The well known German car brand, Volkswagen AG, is throwing its support behind the country’s go green campaign, an effort to combat the growing air pollution problem in the nation, and will be producing over 20 electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid car models for China. The various EV models are set to be available to Chinese consumers by the end of 2018. By 2020, China’s goal is to put 5 million EVs on the road and Volkswagen’s…

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Alternative fuel sources become an important part of China’s latest mandate

30 percent of government cars must be fueled by alternative energy sources in the next two years. According to an announcement made by China and reported by Bloomberg News, China’s plan for “new-energy vehicles” includes vehicles that use alternative fuel sources, which can include electric cars, hydrogen electric fuel cell vehicles, and plug-in hybrids, and a minimum of 30 percent of government vehicles bought between now and 2016 must be one of these types of vehicles. Local provinces will also need to meet the new green fuel target after 2016.…

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Chinese government launches new clean transportation mandate

Government introduces new mandate in support of clean transportation The Chinese government has issued a new mandate that may help the country win its fight against carbon emissions and embrace clean transportation. China’s largest cities have been fighting air pollution for some time now, but little has been done to mitigate emissions generated in the transportation sector. Only recently has the government begun to address this issue aggressively due to the fact that air pollution is being linked to serious health issues in many parts of the country. 30% of government…

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EV sales grow as China becomes invested in clean transportation

Electric vehicle sales are growing throughout China Electric vehicles are becoming quite popular in China. Many Chinese consumers are expressing concerns for the environment and how the extreme air pollution in some of the country’s largest cities may be causing serious health issues. The Chinese government shares in these concerns and has been taking steps to reduce emissions by targeting the transportation sector with new regulations. Some cities have also placed strict limitations on traditional vehicles and how many can be sold in a given year, hoping to mitigate the…

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