Fuel cell industry rejoices as tax credits return

Fuel Cell Industry - Tax Credit - US Dollars

State lawmakers praise the reintroduction of tax credits Political leaders in Connecticut are celebrating the return of tax credits for the fuel cell industry. Fuel cell developers are also praising the return of the tax credits, as they may open up many new opportunities in the coming years. The tax credits were not a part of a budget plan adopted in 2015. The plan instead showed favor for the solar and wind power industries, which drew the ire of fuel cell developers throughout the country. State’s fuel cell industry is…

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Fuel cell industry to benefit from new legislation in Connecticut

Fuel Cell Industry Legislation - Connecticut State Capitol Building

Legislation could help the fuel cell industry expand New legislation in Connecticut could have a major impact on the fuel cell industry. The legislation allows state utilities to purchase as much as 30 megawatts of fuel cell systems and encourages the use of fuel cell power plants in order to distribute electrical power. The legislation has been praised by FuelCell Energy, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells based in Connecticut. The legislation is expected to lead to a higher adoption of fuel cells in the state. Fuel cells may help…

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Fuel cell industry sees promise in Connecticut

Fuel Cell Industry - Renewable Energy

State could bring more momentum to the fuel cell industry The fuel cell industry may find much more support in Connecticut in the coming years. The state has already shown favor for fuel cells in the past, but a growing number of government officials are beginning to praise fuel cells and their ability to generate electrical power. The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology notes that hydrogen fuel cells are reliable energy systems. When electricity is needed, fuel cells can provide this power immediately, unlike the intermittent nature of solar panels…

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FuelCell Energy to build new hydrogen fuel power plant

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Power Plant

Fuel cell developer is building a hydrogen fuel power plant to help provide energy to 3,700 homes FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, is building a new power plant that will make use of the company’s fuel cell systems. Once operational, the new power plant is expected to help power some 3,700 average homes in Connecticut. Homeowners are unlikely to notice that the power plant exists, apart from deriving electricity from it. This is due to the fact that fuel cells produce no noise or pollutant while…

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Connecticut hydrogen fuel cell developers are flocking to Germany for Hannover Messe event

Connecticut developers will be traveling to Germany to attend world’s largest trade fair for industrial technology Connecticut is home to many prominent hydrogen fuel cell developers and some of these companies are heading to Germany for the Hannover Messe event to showcase their technology. Hannover Messe is one of the world’s leading industrial technology trade fairs. Over the years, the event has showcased innovative technology in a variety of industries, especially where hydrogen fuel cells are concerned. Thanks to the event, fuel cells have managed to attract strong support and…

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Connecticut continues to lead in hydrogen fuel cell technology

Connecticut is a major force for good in the hydrogen fuel cell industry The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology suggests that Connecticut continues to be a leader in hydrogen fuel cell technology. These energy systems have been growing more popular in recent years as they can produce large quantities of electrical power without also generating harmful emissions. Connecticut has quickly established itself as a leading power in the development of fuel cell technology and the state’s fuel cell industry has been enjoying significant growth in recent years. State is home…

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Doosan to deliver hydrogen fuel cells to Connecticut Transit facility

Connecticut Transit orders more fuel cells from Doosan Fuel Cell Doosan Fuel Cell, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has been selected to provide energy systems to Connecticut Transit. The energy systems will be located at the organization’s Hamden maintenance and storage facility. This marks the second time that Connecticut Transit has ordered fuel cell systems from Doosan. The latest system, as well as the hydrogen delivery system needed to operate it, is meant to be installed at the company’s facility later this year. Hydrogen fuel…

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New hydrogen fuel cell park opens in Connecticut

Fuel cell park delivered by FuelCell Energy FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has completed a new fuel cell park for Dominion Resources, a provider of electrical power. The fuel cell park is located in Connecticut and was completed on time for Dominion. The energy provider will use the fuel cell park to generate electrical power, distributing this energy throughout Bridgeport, the city where the park has taken root. Fuel cells gaining momentum as residential energy systems Hydrogen fuel cells are not often…

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Hydrogen fuel cell power plan dedicated in Connecticut

Connecticut Hydrogen Fuel

Largest hydrogen fuel plant dedicated in Bridgeport The largest hydrogen fuel cell power plant in North America has been dedicated in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The power plant has been in development for the past six years and has met many challenges in this time. The project is focused on using hydrogen fuel cells to generate electrical power for the city and for various other purposes. In its early years, the project was in a turbulent stage of development that threatened its future. The project found strong support from Governor Dannel Malloy,…

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CTE to send hydrogen fuel vehicle to Connecticut

Hydrogen Fuel transportation

Hydrogen fuel continues to grab attention in public transit The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), a non-profit organization based in Georgia responsible for the research and development of clean technologies and their use in transportation, has finalized an agreement with Connecticut Transit (CTTRANSIT), the public transit agency of Connecticut. Through the agreement, CTE will provide Connecticut with a 40-foot bus that utilizes hydrogen fuel. The bus itself exists to showcase the capabilities of hydrogen fuel in the field of public transportation and has already been put to service…

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FuelCell Energy releases financial results for Q3 2012

Fuelcell Energy Industry Financial News

FuelCell Energy financial report highlights performance during Q3 2012 FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of fuel cell technology, has released a report concerning its financial performance in the third quarter of 2012. The company is among the few in the fuel cell industry that verges on the precipice of profitability. Profitability has eluded fuel cell companies in the past because of the financially unattractive nature of the energy systems they produce. Advances in fuel cell technology have alleviated many of the problems that existed with the energy systems, paving the…

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