Daimler’s interest in hydrogen fuel cells is waning

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Support for Electrics

Automaker plans to move away from hydrogen fuel cells in favor of batteries German automaker Daimler believes that battery technology may be much more viable than hydrogen fuel cells when it comes to powering clean vehicles. Daimler believes that battery electrics already have an edge over fuel cell vehicles due to infrastructure support and their relatively lower cost. The potential of battery technology and how it can be used for the future of clean transportation is so promising that Daimler has chosen to abandon fuel cells moving forward. Batteries show…

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Daimler recycles electric car batteries for energy storage

Daimler AG intends to create massive power storage systems for commercial use. The German multinational automotive corporation has announced that it intends to reuse its used lithium-ion batteries from plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) to create huge energy storage systems. The first of these storage systems will not only be designed for commercial use, but will also be the world’s largest to be powered by batteries from EVs. This first storage unit will consist of 1,000 EV batteries. According to a report from Computerworld, the “2nd use battery storage…

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