Akamai Technologies invests in Texas wind energy project

Wind Energy Investment

Company will be providing financial support for new wind energy system being built in Texas Akamai Technologies, a delivery network and cloud computing service provider, has announced that it is investing in a new wind farm being developed in Texas. The investment represents the company’s continuing efforts to embrace clean power. According to Akamai Technologies, it will derive half of its electrical power from renewable energy by 2020. Wind energy will play a role in accomplishing this goal, especially as wind farms become more efficient and capable of meeting the…

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Texas launches initiative to promote electric vehicles

Electric vehicles gain more support in Texas Texas is taking an ambitious step in promoting clean transportation. In the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas, those purchasing Nissan Leaf electric vehicles will be able to charge their vehicles at public charging stations free of charge for the first year of ownership. The free charging initiative is expected to make the Leaf much more appealing to consumers, some of whom have expressed concerns regarding the costs associated with charging electric vehicles. Leaf owners can charge their vehicles for free In the Dallas-Fort…

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