Partnerships could help Hyundai create new clean vehicles

clean vehicles partnership - Handshakes

Hyundai will continue working with Intel and Nvidia South Korean automaker Hyundai has confirmed that its partnership with both Intel and Nvidia is ongoing. Hyundai vice chairman Chung Eui-sun confirmed the collaboration in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the Consumer Electronics Show will be taking place. The partnerships may highlight Hyundai’s future plans concerning clean vehicles, especially where autonomous cars are concerned. The automaker has been investing in autonomous technology for some time, hoping to eventually develop driverless clean vehicles. Intel and Nvidia have significant experience with autonomous technology Nvidia has…

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Partnership aims to equip clean vehicles with autonomous technology

Clean Vehicles - Person in Driver Seat

Volkswagen and Aurora will be working to improve clean vehicles German automaker Volkswagen has partnered with Aurora, a startup company based in California. Together, the two companies will work to research and develop autonomous vehicles. Volkswagen is one of several automakers that have taken an interest in driverless technology, which may eventually power clean vehicles of the future. Such vehicles are expected to be powered by clean technologies, such as batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. These technologies coupled with driverless systems would make the vehicles significantly more efficient. Automaker plans…

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Honda and GM seek to expand partnership on hydrogen fuel cells and driverless vehicles

Automakers could expand their partnership to focus more heavily on driverless vehicles Japanese automaker Honda will be expanding its partnership with General Motors concerning the development of driverless vehicles. The two companies are already working together to improve hydrogen fuel cell technology, hoping to make these energy systems more efficient and less expensive. The auto industry has become heavily interested in fuel cell vehicles, which produce no harmful emissions and run off hydrogen fuel. Driverless vehicles are also becoming a more important focus of the auto industry, with many automakers…

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Mercedes-Benz unveils self-driving car powered by hydrogen fuel

German automaker reveals a new concept car that can drive itself Mercedes-Benz has begun showing of its new self-driving car, which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The German automaker unveiled its new vehicle, called the F 015 Luxury in Motion, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The vehicle is a concept car that represents the possible future of what transportation may look like. The new vehicle is designed to be a “mobile living space,” according to Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz. New vehicle is designed…

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