Hydrogen fuel to power experimental taxi service in Dubai

Hydrogen Fuel - Taxi Service

RTA launches new initiative to use fuel cell vehicles to power taxis Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the region’s first hydrogen-powered taxi fleet. RTA will be using the Toyota Mirai for its new fleet. The new initiative is meant to highlight the capabilities of clean vehicles and how they can be used to cut emissions. Hydrogen fuel cells have become quite prominent in the transportation space, especially among organizations looking to make taxi fleets and public transportation services more environmentally friendly. Mirai will be used as part…

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Dubai to invest in hydrogen fuel cells

Dubai has formed an agreement with AFC Energy to take advantage of fuel cells Dubai has formed an agreement with AFC Energy, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, that represents the largest single deployment of fuel cells in the city-state. These fuel cells will be part of Dubai’s ambitious infrastructure plans, which involves an increased focus on renewable energy and clean technology. Dubai intends to reduce the emissions it produces in the coming years, becoming more environmentally friendly and spurring economic growth through the adoption of renewable energy systems. 300…

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