China is growing more aggressive on clean transportation

Government will be enforcing automotive regulations more strongly next year China may soon be enforcing its automotive regulations more aggressively in the coming months. The Central Government has been working to tackle emissions recently, after air pollution in some of the country’s most populated cities was linked to serious health problems. The government has had relatively lax regulations focused on the auto industry for some time, but these regulations have rarely been enforced. Soon, however, vehicle manufacturers may be punished if they cannot meet the country’s fuel economy standards. China…

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California may change regulations that have supported electric vehicles

State agency is considering softening emissions regulations targeting the transportation sector The California Air Resources Board is set to hold a hearing concerning the softening of emissions regulations in the state. The hearing could create some problems concerning the state’s clean transportation plans. California is currently considered one of the most active and attractive markets for clean vehicles and this has to do with state regulations concerning emissions. The California Zero Emission Vehicle mandate requires automakers to sell a certain percentage of clean vehicles in the state, and this initiative…

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New EPA rules focus on emissions reduction for power plants

EPA institutes new rules targeting the country’s power plants Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to tackle carbon emissions produced by the country’s power plants. The vast majority of the country’s electrical power is currently produced by power plants burning fossil-fuels. These facilities are responsible for a significant amount of emissions and the federal agency is keen to place a limit on the emissions that these power plants produce on a yearly basis. The EPA believes that more stringent regulation of these emissions will help the U.S.…

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Renewable energy policies may not be making progress in the US

EIA Renewable Energy Report

Renewable energy putting only a small dent in emissions The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released a new report containing analysis of the country’s carbon emissions and the federal government’s energy policies. The report highlights the effect that U.S. energy policies are having on the country’s energy-related emissions. The U.S. has been working to reduce emissions for some time through the adoption of stricter regulations and through the use of renewable energy. These efforts have yet to yield significant results, but some progress has been made thanks to the…

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UN Clean Development Mechanism now supports coal

Hydrogen fule - carbon capture

UN introduces new rules to Clean Development Mechanism The United Nations has been very concerned for the world’s environment in recent years. The organization has been working to take steps to mitigate the potential effects of climate change. Part of the UN’s efforts take the form of carbon credits associated with the Clean Development Mechanism. This mechanism is designed to help countries achieve sustainable development through the use of clean energy and assist countries reduce the amount of emissions they produce. The Clean Development Mechanism is considered a viable way…

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Hydrogen-powered vehicles subjected to EU regulations

Hydrogen Powered Cars

Amendment includes hydrogen-powered vehicles into emissions regulations The European Union has published new amendments to its Euro 5/6 light duty regulations, which focus on passenger and light commercial vehicles. The regulation is meant to address the issue of carbon emissions and institutes a number of standards that European countries are meant to work to adopt. A number of amendments have been made to the directive over the past several years, some of which were more controversial than others. The latest amendment includes hydrogen-powered vehicles to the directive. Hydrogen fuel is…

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National poll shows Americans support carbon emissions regulations

Alternative Energy news

Yale and George Mason University team to conduct poll on climate change The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication has released the results to a new national poll. The project, which is part of Yale University’s investigation of public opinion regarding climate change, received assistance from the George Mason University Center for Climate Change and Communication. The two aimed to investigate how many Americans supported the regulation of carbon dioxide emissions and how high the demand for emissions reductions is throughout the country. Climate change a political issue in the…

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