Wind energy will overtake hydropower in the US by 2019

Wind Energy - Wind Turbines overlooking water

Wind is set to beat out hydropower in terms of energy generation Hydropower has been a major source of power for the United States for more than a century. This is beginning to change, however, and wind energy is expected to become the largest supplier of clean electricity in the country by 2019. Hydroelectric dams have served as the primary way that the country has generated its clean power, but new wind farms are beginning to replace these dams. Investments have helped the wind energy sector grow quickly. Over the…

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Solar energy is surpassing expectations in the United States

Solar Energy - Solar Cells

New report shows that solar energy is growing much more quickly than expected The United States government has severely underestimated solar energy, according to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council and Statista. The two organizations have analyzed a 10-year prediction coming from the Energy Information Administration concerning the growth of solar energy throughout the country. In 2006, the Energy Information Administration predicted that solar power would only generate 0.8 gigawatts of electrical power by 2016. This has proven to be a massive underestimation. Solar power has surpassed estimations…

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Global renewable energy consumption set to rise through 2040

Renewable Energy World

New report highlights the world’s growing consumption of electrical power The Energy Information Administration has released a new report concerning the world’s consumption of electrical power. The report predicts that global energy consumption will increase by 28% by 2040. Notably, the demand for coal is expected to decrease in the coming years. Many countries are expected to increase their reliance on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, in order to replace their consumption of fossil-fuels. China will see a major increase in renewable energy use The report from…

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Solar energy is thriving in California

Solar Energy - Sunset on Beach in California

California has become a leading solar energy market California has established itself as the leading solar energy market in the United States. The Solar Energy Industries Association notes that the state was ahead of all others in terms of cumulative solar capacity in 2016. Last year, solar energy accounted for 13% of all electricity generated in California. The state is generating so much electricity from solar power systems that it is, in some cases, exporting this energy to other states. Solar power continues to expand throughout the state California is…

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Renewable energy sets a new record in the United States

Renewable Energy Record - Solar and Wind

US renewable energy hits a new milestone Renewable energy has reached a new major milestone in the United States. During March of this year, wind and solar power accounted for 10% of the nation’s total energy generation for the first time, according to the Energy Information Administration. Renewable energy has been growing quickly throughout the country, but wind and solar have experienced particularly rapid growth due to support from federal and state governments. Last year, wind and solar experienced significant growth in terms of capacity, according to the Energy Information…

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Solar energy industry employs more than Apple, Google, and Facebook combined

Solar Energy Industry - Jobs

The solar energy industry is experiencing unprecedented growth The use of solar power throughout the world has accelerated over the past few years. This has led to impressive growth in the solar energy industry. The past nine years has seen a 30-fold increase in photovoltaic sales and now the industry employs a staggering amount of people. According to a new report from GTM Research, the annual global demand for photovoltaic products grew by more than 50% last year. This has contributed to a decline in cost of these products, making…

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Solar energy is breaking power generation records in California

Solar Energy - California Coast

Solar energy continues to make progress in California A recent report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that on March 11 of this year, utility-scale solar energy accounted for 40% of electricity generated in California. The EIA estimates that when residential and commercial solar energy production is factored in, solar may have provided more than 50% of the state’s electricity generated on March 11. Solar energy production had an impact on the price of wholesale electricity, driving down rates by a significant degree. Clean energy is helping reduce…

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Coal consumption is falling in the US due to growth of renewable energy

renewable energy - consumption of coal

Renewable energy could eventually replace coal Usage of coal to produce electrical power has been on a steady decline in the United States over the past few years, according to a recent study from the Energy Information Administration. The study highlights the country’s continuing shift away from fossil-fuels toward renewable energy. Notably, wind and solar power have begun to replace coal in some parts of the United States. Natural gas is also becoming very popular in the country and while not a clean form of power, natural gas produces far…

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Electric vehicles could come to dominate the transportation market sooner than expected

Electric Vehicles - Sign for EV Charging Station

Clean vehicles are gaining ground very quickly Electric vehicles may take over the transportation space sooner than expected. In the United States, transportation has traditionally accounted for the majority of emissions produced within the country, surpassing the energy sector despite the country’s massive consumption of electrical power. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), however, this is no longer the case. The EIA has reported that in 2016, the energy sector surpassed transportation in terms of emissions production, highlighting the rising impact of clean vehicles in the sector. Transportation emissions…

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EDF Renewable Energy opens a new wind energy system

Wind Energy Industry

New wind farm can produce enough energy to power 78,000 homes EDF Renewable Energy has launched a new wind energy project 60 miles southwest of Chicago. The new project is comprised of 92 wind turbines that have been developed by Vestas. The Energy Information Administration believes that the project will be capable of generating enough electricity to power 78,000 average homes. An estimated 474,000 metric tons of carbon emissions are expected to be displaced by the project, comparable to removing 100,000 passenger vehicles from the road. Electricity from the wind…

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Half of U.S. oil production comes from fracking

About 50% of the oil produced in America in 2015 was provided by hydraulic fracturing, reported the EIA. According to a recent report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), hydraulic fracturing, an oil and gas mining process more commonly known as fracking, accounts for approximately half of the crude oil produced in the United States. The controversial oil and gas extraction technique has been around for over six decades and involves injecting a mixture of sand, chemicals and water deep underground to breakup dense shale rock formations to tap into…

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Solar energy will have an explosive year in 2016

Energy Information Administration predicts that solar capacity will break records in the US Renewable energy is poised to have a monumental year in the United States. The Energy Information Administration has released a new report that shows that solar energy, in particularly, will grow significantly this year. According to the report, some 9.5 gigawatts of utility-scale solar projects will take form in the country. Alongside this, some 8 gigawatts of natural gas and 6.8 gigawatts of wind power project will come into play. If accurate, 2016 will be a record…

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US is leading the world in wind energy production

Data shows that the United States has established a strong lead in the wind market The United States is leading the world in terms of wind energy production, according to a new report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the Energy Information Administration. The country has been showing strong support for various types of clean power, but wind seems to have caught the government’s attention the most. Wind capacity has been growing quickly over the past few years and the renewal of the country’s Production Tax Credit is…

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Texas is catching up with others in the solar energy race

Texas is making headway with solar power installations Solar power is expanding in Texas and the state may no longer be lagging behind the rest of the country when it comes to total installed solar capacity. Texas has long fallen behind in this regard, having shown relatively limited support for this form of renewable energy in the past, but the state is beginning to invest more heavily into the solar sector. This has to do with the state’s plans to become more environmentally friendly by cutting down on emissions and…

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Wind energy will help states comply with the Clean Power Plan

Wind may be the best solution to reduce emissions throughout the US Wind energy may be the most suitable form of clean power to promote compliance with the Clean Power Plan in the United States. According to a report from the Energy Information Administration, wind energy has become the most inexpensive solutions for states looking to reduce emissions production. Some states have been showing more support for natural gas or nuclear power as a way to reduce emissions, but wind power has proven to be more economically viable. Clean Power…

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EPA plans to release details about its new renewable energy plan this summer

Agency to unveil details concerning the Clean Power Plan in the coming months The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to release details of its upcoming Clean Power Plan this summer. The plan represents the first time the United States will make a concerted effort to aggressively reduce carbon emissions and slow the advance of climate change. One of the key initiatives of the Clean Power Plan is to reduce the nation’s carbon emissions by 30% of what they were in 2005 by 2030. Energy Information Administration reports on…

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