Virginia Tech makes a breakthrough in green technology

Research team develops new battery that uses sugar as an energy storage medium A team of researchers from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University have developed a new battery that runs on simple sugars. Researchers suggest that their battery could be a major breakthrough in energy storage technology. Energy storage has been a problematic issue for several years and this issue has become more pronounced as renewable energy has gained popularity. Modern energy grids are not built to accommodate the energy produced by clean technologies, and much of the…

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New renewable energy storage system unveiled in Oregon

Solar Energy Project

Oregon to serve as home to new renewable energy storage system When it comes to renewable energy, storage is a major issue. Conventional storage methods concerning electrical power are designed to suit the needs of conventional energy systems, not new systems that generate power from sunlight or wind. As such, much of the renewable energy being fed into an existing energy grid is lost in the process, leading to efficiency problems that often attract a great deal of criticism to the world of clean power. In Oregon, however, a new…

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Renewable energy storage problems may be solved with the help of a new battery design

Stanford University - Hydrogen Fuel Cells Research

New battery could make renewable energy more favorable to modern energy grids Renewable energy is becoming a more popular concept throughout the world. More countries are beginning to embrace renewable energy for economic and environmental purposes, but are still faced with significant challenges when it comes to actually using clean power. One of the most significant of these challenges involves storage and how clean energy can be fed into existing energy grids. Researchers from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University in the U.S. may have found a way…

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Liquid air as a form of energy storage

liquid nitrogen used for energy storage research

Energy storage may have been solved by one intrepid inventor Storing energy has become a significant problem in the world of clean energy. Typically, batteries are used to store the excess electricity generated by a clean energy system. While batteries are able to store energy, they are not capable of doing this efficiently, meaning much of the electricity that is meant to be stored ends up going to waste. Scientists interested in clean energy have been attempting to solve this problem for years, but have yet to find an efficient…

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Energy storage system could solve energy efficiency problems

Hydrogen fuel cells

Researchers develop new system capable of storing large amounts of power One of the major challenges facing sustainability today is the efficient use of energy resources. As energy becomes more of a concern, countries around the world are working on ways to make sure they use the energy they have efficiently. The problem, however, is the lack of comprehensive energy storage technologies that make energy efficiency an easier process. A team of researchers from the Drexel University’s College of Engineering in Pennsylvania aim to solve this problem with a new…

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Solar energy storage system could bring new power to residences

solar energy - transparency

Sol-Ion research project create new energy storage system Researchers from the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) in Stuttgart, Germany, have developed a new energy storage system that could make residential solar power more viable. The storage technology comes from scientists working on the Sol-Ion research project, a collaborative effort between France and Germany. Solar energy in both countries has begun growing in prominence despite some turbulence generated by internal and international politics. As demand for new energy grows amongst consumers, both countries have felt the need to…

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Hydrogenics teams with Enbridge to tackle energy storage

Hydrogen fuel partnership

Both companies to develop utility scale energy storage system Hydrogenics Corp., a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has partnered with Enbridge Inc., a company specializing in alternative energy systems. Through the partnership, the two companies will work to establish a new utility scale energy storage system for North America. Clean energy storage is becoming more important as alternative energy begins to attract more interest from consumers, companies, and governments. Traditional storage methods are neither sufficient nor efficient enough to meet the demands presented by new forms…

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Flow batteries could solve the storage problems of alternative energy

Sandia National Laboratory - Hydrogen Fuel

Though hydrogen fuel cells are getting a great deal of attention in the alternative energy community, researchers from the Sandia National Laboratory have set their sights on batteries. Scientists are working on developing high efficiency batteries that make use of a new storage system called “flow.” Flow batteries already exist, but most are roughly the size of a small house and are much more expensive than their lithium ion counterparts. Sandia is currently working to find a way to make small, inexpensive flow batteries that can be used for a…

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