Hydrogen fuel cells could help energy security in Europe

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Europe Energy Security

Conference highlights the energy security potential of fuel cell systems Europe’s energy security may be boosted through the use of hydrogen fuel cells, according to suggested made at a recent conference held in Estonia. The conference was organized by Estonia’s National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics and VTT, a technical research organization in Finland. Elcogen, a developer of solid oxide fuel cell systems, was also heavily involved in the organization of the event. During the conference, speakers suggested that existing hydrogen fuel cells could help solve Europe’s energy security…

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Electric vehicles win major victory in Estonia

Electric Vehicles Estonia

New infrastructure provides support for electric vehicles The world’s first nationwide system of fast charging stations for electric vehicles have been completed in Estonia. The country is not one of the major markets for the auto industry, but has shown major progress in its efforts to become more friendly to clean transportation. The new fast charging network is part of Estonia’s continued effort to promote renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions throughout the country. Officials expect that the new fast charging network will boost the adoption of electric vehicles exponentially.…

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