EU and China are looking to lead the world with green investments

Green Investments - Green with Money

EU and China intend to establish new international order The European Union and China will work together to use clean power and technology to create and lead a new international order. Both the EU and China have become major proponents of the Paris Agreement, which calls upon countries to reduce their emissions by embracing clean technologies and new energy sources. The initiative has helped spark an increase in green investments throughout the world. China has been especially aggressive in this regard, with the EU following suit. Both intend to establish…

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EU issues new guidance for renewable energy projects

EU Renewable Energy Projects - EU Flag

New documents aim to ensure clean power projects are being developed responsibly The European Commission has issued new guidance to help European governments during the planning phases of renewable energy projects. The Commission has issued two guidance documents as part of the EU Action plan for nature, people, and the economy. These documents aim to improve biodiversity within the European Union while ensuring that new energy projects can be developed safely and in an affordable manner. The environmental risks of clean power projects are becoming a concern Environment, Fisheries, and…

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Netherlands is lagging behind in renewable energy adoption

Renewable Energy - Image of Road at Sunset in the Netherlands

CBS data shows that the Netherlands is falling short of its EU targets The Netherlands is making some progress on 17 targets set by the United Nations, but is falling behind when it comes to meeting the targets concerning climate protection, renewable energy, economic stability, and social equality. Data from CBS, a national statistics office, shows that the country is performing well in meeting the other targets, but embracing clean power and fighting climate change have been complicated issues. In terms of adopting renewable energy and cutting emissions, the Netherlands…

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EU could reach a higher renewable energy goal by 2030

Renewable Energy - EU Flag

Report suggests that the EU may need to show more support for clean power The European Union could set up more aggressive clean power targets for itself, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The report suggests that the EU is capable of reaching higher targets, which could have a significant impact on the fight against climate change. According to the report, the EU is capable of deriving no less than 34% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. If successful, this would allow…

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EU lawmakers want more aggressive renewable energy targets

EU Flag - Renewable Energy European Union and Europe

Lawmakers have come together to call for higher clean power targets Members of the European Parliament have come together to agree on more aggressive renewable energy targets. Politicians met earlier this week to discuss some 1,300 amendments to the European Commission’s initial clean power proposal. The European Union, as a whole, has been working to embrace renewable energy and reduce emissions for some time. Last year, member states were given legal directives to generate no less than 20% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Many lawmakers now want…

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European utilities vow to abandon coal in favor of renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Coal Power Plant

Utilities promise to stop investing in coal after 2020 Utilities throughout Europe have come together to pledge not to build any new coal plants after 2020. Every European country, apart from Poland and Greece, will be working to move away from coal in favor of cleaner forms of power. The announcement comes from Eurelectric, which represents some 3,500 utilities in Europe. According to the organization, utilities have committed themselves to deliver on the promises made through the Paris Agreement, which calls for a significant reduction in emissions and a greater…

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Renewable energy may help the world avoid a costly problem

Cost of meeting the world’s energy needs will reach new heights by 2035 Accommodating the world’s energy needs is expected to become a very expensive problem, according to a special report from the International Energy Agency. Energy costs are growing more expensive at a rapid pace and energy consumption is also on the rise. Despite countries taking steps to embrace energy efficiency and cut down on their use of fossil-fuels, the cost of electricity continues to grow and this cost may become unmanageable by some countries in the future. More…

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EU to cut subsidies to renewable energy

Politics continues to play an overriding role in clean power Renewable energy is often seen as an environmental issue; a tool to combat the effects of climate change. Politics plays a major role in clean energy, however, and often determines whether or not clean power projects find the support they need or fail completely. The European Union has been working to embrace clean power for some time, but it has encountered major political challenges that have inhibited the adoption of renewable energy throughout Europe. In order to overcome these challenges,…

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Renewable energy companies come together to spur action in the EU

Companies call for more action concerning renewable energy Several renewable energy companies have come together to co-sign an open letter to the European Union. In the open letter, industry leaders are calling for more aggressive action on the issue of energy. This action is outlined in what the letter calls the Climate and Energy Framework for 2030. The European Union has been an advocate of renewable energy for several years, but the governing body has somewhat loose requirements when it comes to the clean power adoption of its member states.…

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Germany cautioned against cutting renewable energy subsidies

Germany considers reducing subsidies supporting renewable energy Germany is widely considered to be a major leader in the realm of renewable energy. The country has established this lead through various financial incentives that have made it attractive to companies specializing in clean power. Domestic countries have benefitted from these incentives as well and have helped the country establish itself as an influential force in the field of solar energy and other forms of clean power. Now, however, the German government is seriously considering cutting the subsidies it provides to the…

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Location may be everything in renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Location Matters

Location could have a major impact on the success of renewable energy When it comes to real estate, location is often considered the most important factor. Location can determine the overall value of a property, as well as its allure to potential property owners. As such, property that is located in high-value areas, such as that overlooking the coast, can fetch a significant price. Location is not only important in real estate, of course, as it also plays a major role in the realm of renewable energy. Location can determine…

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Renewable energy makes strong progress in the EU

Europe - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Report highlights growth of renewable energy in EU Renewable energy has been making strong progress in Europe. The European Union has devoted a great deal of support to the expansion of clean energy in several countries, with a strong focus on solar and wind power, as well as natural gas. The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) has released a new report concerning the growth of these forms of renewable energy. While the EPIA typically focuses primarily on solar energy, its report also provides some insight on clean power as a…

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Renewable energy making strong progress in the EU

Europe - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

EU gains momentum in its renewable energy goals The European Union has ambitious goals when it comes to emissions reduction and the use of renewable energy. The governing body considers climate change to be a serious danger to civilization and has been working to address several other issues concerning energy security and availability, as well as address the health concerns linked to harmful emissions produced through the use of fossil-fuels. The European Union had expected to meet its ambitious, yet modest goals by 2020, but new statistics from Eurostat, a…

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Renewable energy could be the answer to energy security in the EU

EU energy security renewable energy

EU shows concerns regarding energy security, may turn to renewable energy for solution It is becoming more common for energy to be considered a matter of security around the world, especially as most of the world continues to hold a strong reliance on fossil-fuels. In Europe, energy security is becoming a major issue, due to concerns regarding the region’s heavy dependence on Russian gas imports. Russian politics have begun to exploit this dependence, leading the European Union to take more considerations in the realm of renewable energy. Biogas may soon be…

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Germany seeks partnerships for sake of renewable energy

Renewable Energy Partnership Germany and France

Renewable energy could see major progress due to European partnerships When it comes to renewable energy, there are few countries that can compete with the progress that has been made in Germany. While the country’s staunch support of renewable energy has earned it a great deal of praise, this focus has also singled it out for criticism. Others in the European Union have criticized Germany for its seemingly solitary nature on the matter of renewable energy due to the country’s lack of outreach to others for help with its energy…

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Report targets benefits of renewable energy in the EU

Renewable Energy Report EU

New report highlights renewable energy and efficiency in Europe Ecofys, a consultancy firm specializing in renewable energy and efficiency, has released a new report concerning carbon emissions in the European Union. The report was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which has been showing a great deal of support for renewable energy in recent years. The WWF has become a strong proponent of renewable energy and its ability to significantly reduce the level of carbon emissions that are released into the global environment. Emissions could be cut in half…

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