Swedish steelmaker embraces hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel in Sweden - Swedish Flag

SSAB will be building new facility powered by hydrogen fuel cells SSAB, a leading steelmaker in Sweden, has announced its participation in a new project called HYBRIT. The project involves the use of hydrogen fuel cells to generate the electricity needed to power a steel refining facility. Like other major companies, SSAB is looking to make use of cleaner forms of energy in order to cut emissions. Currently, the company accounts for a significant portion of the carbon emissions produced in both Sweden and Finland. Facility to begin testing fuel…

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New catalyst could lead to less expensive fuel cells

Research team develops a new catalyst for fuel cells comprised of iron and carbon Researchers from Finland’s Aalto University have successfully developed a new catalyst that can be used in fuel cells. The catalyst is meant to serve as an alternative to platinum catalysts that are quite common in fuel cell energy systems. Conventional catalysts are notoriously expensive, because they are made from platinum, and this affects the total cost of a fuel cell system. By replacing platinum, fuel cells can be more affordable and attractive to those interested in…

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EU looks to better understand its hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Clean vehicles continue to become popular in Europe, with the EU showing favor for fuel cell vehicles Clean transportation is gaining traction in Europe and many governments are beginning to look for ways to encourage consumers to purchase zero emission vehicles. The European Union’s TEN-T Program will be investing nearly $4 million in studying Europe’s current hydrogen fuel infrastructure in order to determine what efforts could be made to further expand this framework for fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are expected to be released in some parts of Europe as…

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Tax changes in Finland could support renewable energy sector

Finnish government has plans to change current tax law, which may be a major benefit for small-scale energy projects Potential changes to Finland’s tax regime may have a significant impact on the small-scale renewable energy space. Small-scale projects have become quite popular in the country, where homeowners and small businesses are showing interest in using solar energy as an alternative to fossil-fuels. Energy companies currently pay a tax based on the total installed energy capacity they have in place. Current tax law requires these companies to pay a flat tax…

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Waste to energy plant in Finland goes online

The largest waste-to-energy facility in the country begins operation. Vantaa Energia, a Finnish energy company, recently announced that its new waste to energy (W2E) incinerator is up and running in Vantaa, which is a city next to Helsinki, Finland’s capital, and is believed to be the biggest energy from waste plant of its kind in the country. The new facility will produce over 900 GWh of heat every year. The plant is said to have the capability of generating 920 GWh (gigawatt hours) of heat and 600 GWh of electricity,…

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Pilot project launches in Finland to examine viability of byproduct hydrogen fuel

VTT Technical Research Center launched new project to take advantage of byproduct hydrogen Finland’s VTT Technical Research Center has launched a new pilot project that aims to use byproduct hydrogen to produce electrical power. Hydrogen is often produced as a byproduct of chemical processes that are common in many industries. In many cases, this hydrogen goes unused. The VTT Technical Research Center will be using the hydrogen produced through the formation of sodium chlorate and will examine whether or not the process of using byproduct hydrogen could be viable in…

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New hydrogen fuel project is launching in Finland

Organization launches new project designed to turn waste into electrical power A new hydrogen fuel project is taking root in Finland. The VTT Technical Research Center of Finland has launched a pilot power plant that uses fuel cells to generate electrical power, with their fuel coming from waste. The pilot project represents a waste-to-energy initiative, aiming to tap into an underutilized resource that could have vast energy potential. VTT believes that its project can help significantly reduce energy consumption  throughout Scandinavia. Fuel cells will utilize hydrogen produced through waste management…

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EU report highlights promising markets for clean transportation

New report identifies European markets that will be most accommodating of electric vehicles in the future The European Union’s Joint Research Center has released a new report that aims to identify the markets that are expected to be leaders in terms of clean transportation. Many European countries have been showing strong support for clean transportation, highlighting the benefits of electric vehicles and those powered by hydrogen fuel. Much of the auto industry has been working to produce new vehicles that are not wholly reliant on fossil-fuels and many of these…

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Finland grows bolder with hydrogen fuel

Waste to energy - Finland

Hydrogen fuel gaining traction in Scandinavia The Finnish Hydrogen Roadmap was recently released by VTT Technical Research Center of Finland and the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. The roadmap is meant to detail the efforts being made in bringing hydrogen fuel to the transportation sector throughout Finland. Finland is one among several Scandinavian countries where hydrogen fuel is beginning to gain more support. The Finnish Hydrogen Roadmap has been compiled to showcase the benefits of hydrogen fuel in transportation and how it can be used to reduce pollution…

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Finland sees promise in hydrogen fuel

Finland Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel finds traction in Finland It is no secret that transportation has been growing increasingly inclined toward hydrogen fuel. This renewable energy is likely to play a major role in the future of transit and those supporting hydrogen often believe that it is simply a matter of time before this is true. For those that have not yet been won over by the prospects of hydrogen fuel, the capabilities of fuel cells and how they can be used in transportation is still a dubious affair. As such, information concerning…

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EU launches Energy Efficiency Directive

Hydrogen Fuel Goals

Energy Efficiency Directive aims to cut down on consumption The European Union has ambitious plans for energy efficiency, as outlined in the Energy Efficiency Directive adopted last week. The Energy Efficiency Directive is a package of measures that EU officials believe will cut energy consumption in member states by a total of 20% and save approximately $60 billion in energy costs annually. The EU has been on a veritable rampage in the promotion of clean energy in recent years and is now looking to promote energy efficiency through aggressive action. New initiative…

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