A solar tarp could be a practical way to deliver electricity to those who need it

Solar Tarp - Solar energy technology - solar panels

Flexible solar panels could be just as efficient as traditional solar panels. A team of scientists from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are working on a way to develop a “solar tarp;” flexible solar panels that would be as efficient as a silicon solar panel but also lightweight, thin and bendable. Solar panels are not always a viable option for certain parts of the world. Developing this solar tarp could mean that the many parts of the world that currently do not have regular electricity, would benefit from…

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Sunflare develops flexible solar panels

Solar Panels - Residential Solar Energy

Flexible solar panels can, potentially, be installed on any surface Sunflare, a company based in California, has developed a new, flexible solar panel that it believes will become a major asset for those interested in solar energy. Following years or research and development, the company has produced a copper indium gallium selenide solar panel. The new solar panel can be installed on virtually any surface due to its flexibility, which may make it quite attractive to homeowners and businesses interested in becoming more environmentally friendly. Cost of solar energy continues…

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Flexible solar panels coming to the Japanese market

Solar Energy Developer Acquired

Company announces its entry into burgeoning market Global Solar Energy Incorporated, a manufacturer of flexible solar panels, has announced its entry into the Japanese solar energy market. The company believes that its flexible solar panels will be an ideal fit for the country’s efforts to make existing buildings more environmentally friendly. Flexible solar panels are somewhat rare when compared to the traditional photovoltaic models that have dominated much of the solar energy market. These solar panels could be useful, however, as they are capable of harvesting the energy of the…

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