France to embrace clean vehicles more aggressively

French Flag - Clean Vehicles

Country will ban gas and diesel vehicles by 2040 France is taking a major step forward in its efforts to become more environmentally friendly. The country has announced that it will ban all gas and diesel vehicles by 2040, encouraging residents to purchase clean vehicles instead. This is part of France’s overarching plan to become completely carbon neutral by 2050, replacing old forms of power with renewable energy solutions. The government intends to support the purchase of clean vehicles in order to ensure rapid adoption. Government to offer subsidies to…

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France is taking another step in its transition toward renewable energy

Renewable Energy in France - French Flag

Country to ban new oil and gas exploration projects France is set to take a major step forward in its transition away from fossil-fuels in favor of renewable energy. The country is planning to no longer grant licenses for new oil and gas exploration projects. This is part of France’s “ecological transition,” which will see the country move away from old forms of power that produce harmful emissions. By halting new oil and gas exploration projects, France may be able to significantly slow the development of new fossil-fuel systems as…

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European countries are struggling with the Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement - Image of Paris with Eiffle Tower

Only three countries are on track to comply with the Paris Agreement Sweden, Germany, and France are the only European countries that are pursuing policies that will allow them to meet the commitments they made through the Paris Agreement, according to a recent study from the EU Climate Leadership Board. The European Union, as a whole, has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. Some countries seem to be taking this pledge more seriously than others, however, which could lead the region to mission its emissions reduction targets…

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Europeans believe they are feeling the impact of climate change already

Climate Change Being Felt by Europe

Survey highlights major concerns regarding climate change Climate change is already having a major impact in Europe, according to a new survey from Cardiff University. The university is heading a new project, called European Perceptions of Climate Change. The survey draws upon the perception of citizens in four major European countries. Many Europeans have expressed concern over the impact of climate change, primarily when it comes to severe flooding and strong storms. The survey is meant to shed light on how this phenomenon is affecting the lives of people in…

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H2ME to bring 100 fuel cell vehicles to Europe

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Cars in France

More fuel cell vehicles are on their way to Europe Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) is planning to launch 100 new fuel cell vehicles in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. The vehicles are part of a real-world test to determine their capabilities and examine Europe’s hydrogen infrastructure. The initiative has received backing from the European Commission and has brought together some of the largest automakers in the world. If successful, the project may help demonstrate how fuel cell vehicles can replace their conventional counterparts and cut down on transportation emissions.…

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First solar road begins operation in France

France Solar Road

A new solar road has been built in France The world’s first solar road has begun operation in France. The road has been built in the village of Tourouvre au Perche, which does not typically receive an abundance of sunlight. The solar road is less than a mile long, but is comprised of 2,800 square meters of photovoltaic cells. These cells will collect sunlight in order to generate electricity. The roadway has been developed by Colas, a construction company. Wattway could eventually become a common way to generate electricity through…

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Hyundai to bring more fuel cell vehicles to France

Automaker aims to bring more fuel cell-powered taxis to Paris Hyundai has plans to bring more fuel cell vehicles to a taxi fleet in Paris, France, which is being operated by Societe du Taxi Electrique Parisien. The organization provides electric vehicles for transportation purposes and operates one of the largest fuel cell vehicle fleets in the world. Hyundai has plans to bring more of its ix35 vehicles to France in an effort to expand the reach of clean transportation and improve consumer outlook of fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai’s fuel cell…

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Fuel cell developers may be key to building a hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Automakers are showing more support for fuel cells The auto industry continues its slow march toward incorporating hydrogen fuel cells, but many are still concerned about the potential success of these vehicles. Cars equipped with fuel cells produce no harmful emissions, which has made them quite attractive to automakers and consumers alike. These vehicles do, however, lack infrastructure support. Very few hydrogen stations are available to the public, which could have a major impact on the future of fuel cell vehicles if this problem is not resolved. ITM Power is…

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France continues to support the development of new hydrogen fuel stations

ITM Power wins contract to help build new fueling station in France ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen technologies, has successfully obtained a contract to build a new hydrogen fuel station in France. The contract comes from Hydrogene De France, a prominent energy operator focused on hydrogen fuel. The contract is valued at $1.6 million and construction on the new fueling station will begin in 2017. The project is being partially funded by the European Union. The EU has a vested interest in promoting the expansion of a hydrogen…

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Hyundai and Air Liquide join together to promote fuel cell vehicles

Hyundai has agreed to work with Air Liquide in the clean transportation space South Korean automaker Hyundai has entered into an agreement with Air Liquide, a leading producer of industrial gases, to boost the development of fuel cell vehicles. Both companies will work together to spread awareness of hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used in transportation. Hyundai was among the first major automakers to release its own vehicle equipped with a fuel cell and has managed to find some success with the model. Relatively few consumers are…

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Climate change is a public health issue, not just an environmental problem

Public health may be affected by the impact associated with a changing climate Climate change poses a significant threat to public health, according to the United States government. The White House has released a new report concerning the health impact the phenomenon could have on the country. The report notes that increasing health issues will be particularly prominent for pregnant women, children, and low-income people. The report predicts that death and illness from heat stroke, respiratory failure, and certain diseases will increase as the effects of climate change worsen. A…

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France to invest more than $300 million into solar energy

French Development Agency will commit $325 million for the global development of solar energy French President Francois Hollande has announced that France’s Development Agency will invest some $325 million into the global solar energy sector over the next five years. According to Hollande, the investment is meant to bolster the global development of new solar power systems. The move is part of the International Solar Alliance, which aims to expand the use of solar energy in 122 countries that receive more than 300 days a year of sunlight. International Solar…

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World leaders embrace Paris Agreement to fight climate change

Governments have made a deal to work together to combat climate change in the coming years World leaders have agreed to a deal to fight climate change and mitigate the rise of global temperatures. Leaders representing a wide range of countries met in France to discuss the deal, now called the Paris Agreement. The deal had been gathering strong support before world leaders arrived in France to discuss it, with the United Nations suggesting that the agreement could have a major, beneficial impact on the global environment. Paris Agreement will…

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British Columbia joins international alliance to promote electric vehicles

Province aims to push the adoption of electric vehicles in the coming years British Columbia, Canada, has joined an international alliance that is meant to make transportation more environmentally friendly. Canadian officials gathered with other world leaders in France to address issues concerning climate change. There, Mary Polak, British Columbia’s Environment Minister, announced that the province had joined with others to promote clean transportation. While British Columbia has had trouble making electric vehicles attractive to consumers, being a part of the international alliance may add momentum to the adoption of…

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Hyundai brings hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to France

STEP now has the largest fuel cell taxi fleet in the world South Korean automaker Hyundai has delivered five of its new hydrogen-powered vehicles, the ix35, to Paris, France, where electric taxi startup STEP will be using them to transport passengers. The fuel cell vehicles were delivered ahead of a United Nations summit that is being held in the city. The summit is focused on climate change, with world leaders coming together to negotiate terms of a emissions reduction deal, which has a significant focus on clean transportation and new…

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Uruguay reaches major milestone with renewable energy

Country could serve as an example in how countries can make use of renewable energy Uruguay is among the leading countries that are embracing renewable energy. World leaders are flocking to Paris, France to negotiate terms concerning the fight against climate change, highlighting emissions reduction and clean power, and Uruguay may serve as a prominent example of what can be accomplished through a focus on renewable energy. Converting to a sustainable society has proven difficult for large countries due to their strong reliance on fossil-fuels, but fighting climate change is…

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