Automaker has revealed the name of its new fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai NEXO - New HFV unveiled at CES 2018

Automaker has revealed the name of its new fuel cell vehicle Hyundai has revealed the name of its next fuel cell vehicle. Called NEXO, the new car represents the automaker’s progress in embracing clean transportation. NEXO will be equipped with advanced fuel cell technology as well as several other improvements. Hyundai will make NEXO its flagship clean vehicle, highlighting the company’s ongoing plan to become more environmentally friendly and embrace clean energy. Hyundai plans to release no fewer than 18 clean vehicles by 2025. Hyundai believes that hydrogen fuel is…

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Toyota to focus more on electric vehicles

Automaker has plans to develop a battery-powered, long-range vehicle Toyota has announced plans to focus more heavily on battery-powered vehicles in the coming years. The company has long held an interest in batteries, but much of its attention had seemed to be fixed on hydrogen fuel cells. Now, however, Toyota plans to produce long-range, battery-powered vehicles by 2020, which will likely affect its production of fuel cell vehicles in the future. Toyota is not likely to abandon fuel cells, of course, but its focus on electric vehicles is growing more…

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South Chungcheong becomes production hub for fuel cell vehicles

Province declared hub of production hub for parts to be used in electric vehicles The South Korean province of South Chungcheong has been declared the country’s hub for the production of fuel cell vehicle parts. The province has successfully passed a government feasibility assessment, which has established it as a major production entity that will provide strong support for clean vehicles in the future. New facilities will be built to accommodate the demand for components needed to build fuel cell vehicles. These facilities are expected to provide the province with…

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Toyota’s first fuel cell car delivered to Uno-X Hydrogen in Norway

Uno-X Hydrogen will use the Mirai to demonstrate the qualities of fuel cells Norway’s Uno-X Hydrogen, a joint venture established to build 20 new hydrogen fuel stations in the country by 2020, has received its first fuel cell car from Toyota. The Japanese automaker launched its first fuel cell vehicle last year, showing a strong interest in hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used in the transportation space. The vehicle has received strong praise due to its efficiency and the fact that it generates no harmful emissions while…

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Mercedes-Benz expected to unveil new hydrogen fuel cell car in 2017

Automaker is expected to showcase new fuel cell vehicle at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017 Mercedes-Benz is expected to reveal its new hydrogen fuel vehicle at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The company has been promoting the viability of fuel cell vehicles for some time, noting that hydrogen fuel cells are able to make vehicles more environmentally friendly and efficient. Several automakers have been developing new fuel cell technology in order to make vehicles more powerful and efficient. Mercedes is among these companies that has managed to do this, showing…

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Lexus may reveal a new hydrogen fuel cell car

Lexus to showcase new iteration of its flagship vehicle at upcoming event later this year Lexus has plans to reveal the new generation of its flagship vehicle, the LS, at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. There are rumors that suggest that the latest iteration of the LS may be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. These rumors follow revelations that Lexus has been testing fuel cell technology for its parent company, Toyota. Such tests may have influenced the development of Toyota’s Mirai, the automaker’s first mass production fuel cell vehicle. One…

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California embraces a fuel cell future

fuel cell car

  Fuel cell vehicles (FCV) will be introduced as consumer cars and trucks as early as 2015, leaving advocates scrambling to make them viable for use by the consumer in line with what they are used to with their gasoline-powered vehicles. California is on the forefront of advancing hydrogen power or FCV into a viable reality. California embraces FCV Hydrogen as come a long way, and with it comes hope for the future. Hydrogen fuel-celled vehicles emit water and heat rather than pollutants into the air. California is working on…

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Survey leans towards strong growth for hydrogen cars

Hydrogen fuel cells seem to be on the minds of more car manufacturers these days. According to the 12th KPMG annual global automotive executive survey, 8 out of 10 executives believe that hydrogen powered vehicle sales will see profound growth over the next five years. The survey shows that there is still lingering skepticism about the fuel cells, however, as the adoption of fuel cells remains sparse throughout the industry. Ashleigh Raine-Botha, a senior research analyst at KPMG, says that the majority of respondents do not expect to see reliable,…

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Massive steps forward in hydrogen fuel cell technology

How a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Works

ACAL Energy, a hydrogen fuel cell developer, has made headlines recently with its breakthrough discoveries in hydrogen production. Based in Cheshire, England, their efforts have not gone unnoticed by the government, who have awarded ACAL with a £ 1 million ($1.6 million USD) grant. The grant was awarded by the Carbon Trust, whose aim is to make fuel cells more affordable for the mass market. Carbon Trust stated this about ACAL Energy’s work, “breakthrough technology could make hydrogen fuel cell cars a mass market reality.”  ACAL has developed a fuel…

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