Fuel cell vehicles set to see a boom in growth in the coming years

Fuel cells are becoming more popular in the transportation space Fuel cell vehicles will become the fastest growing segment within the transportation market by 2050, according to a new report from Information Trends. The report, titled “Global Market for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles,” shows that clean cars are becoming more popular among consumers and businesses alike. These vehicles produce no harmful emissions, but are heavily reliant on a hydrogen fuel infrastructure, which has yet to take form. Many countries are working to build a comprehensive infrastructure in order to support…

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FuelCell Energy fights for profitability in competitive industry

hydrogen fuel news

Fuel cell industry struggles in terms of profitability The hydrogen fuel cell industry is often plagued by skepticism and controversy regarding the efficiency and electricity generation potential of hydrogen-based energy systems. The cost of fuel cell manufacture is often cited as a major reason the industry has struggled to reach profitability. Many companies in the industry have promised to deliver cost effective and highly efficient fuel cells for decades, but none have yet made good on that promise. FuelCell Energy, a maker of stationary molten carbonate fuel cells, believes that…

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New reports of growth within hydrogen fuel cell industry

Stationary Fuel Cells - Study predicts growth

A new report released today by Pike Research, an independent research firm specializing in the energy field, claims that hydrogen fuel cells will see huge growth this year. Pike notes that the fuel cell industry is one of the very few industries that has seen a large amount of growth even through the worldwide economic recession. Last year’s revenue is estimated to be more that $750 million. The study indicates that there has been a rising demand for fuel cells for both commercial and military applications. The Pike report shows…

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