Germany to convert large coal mine into a new energy storage system

Energy Storage - Inside a Coal Mine

New project aims to change an old coal mine into an efficient energy storage solution Germany has launched an ambitious new project that involved converting an old coal mine into a large-scale battery storage system. The Prosper-Haniel coal mine is the subject of the project. The mine was built in 1863 and produces approximately 3 million tons of coal every year. It is one of the few remaining active coal mines in Germany, but is slated for complete closure in 2018, when government subsidies supporting the mine are no longer…

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Germany set to launch new renewable energy storage initiative

Germany Renewable Energy

Germany continues showing its strength on the renewable energy front Germany is quickly establishing itself as a leading power in the realm of renewable energy. As the country begins to make more use of solar, wind, hydrogen fuel, and other forms of clean power, the need for comprehensive and efficient storage systems is becoming more apparent. In February of this year, the country began focusing more heavily on improving the battery storage technology that was being used for its various solar energy systems. Now, Germany is set to debut the…

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Germany to launch new energy storage system and hybrid wind-hydrogen energy system

wind and hydrogen power

Germany‚Äôs role in a future run by alternative energy is becoming more tangible. The national government has announced two new initiatives that are focused on energy storage technology. One of the initiatives calls upon the aid of Canadian-based hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer Ballard. The other seeks to combine wind-and-hydrogen-generated electricity into a powerful hybrid energy system. While other developed nations have been slow to adopt alternative energy, Germany has shown aggression in making sustainability a priority that may be only rivaled by the tenacity of China. Ballard will be supplying…

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