E.ON teams with Google to bring Sunroof to Germany

Sunroof - Solar Panels and Sky

Utility will be working with Google to make Sunroof platform available to German homeowners E.ON, the largest utility in Germany, has announced that it will be partnering with Google in order to expand its presence in the solar energy market. Through E.ON, Google will be able to introduce its new Sunroof platform to the German market. This will mark the first time that the Sunroof will be available outside of the United States. The new platform may be very attractive to homeowners, especially those that have an interest in solar…

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Germany’s artificial sun, the Synlight, begins operation

Synlight - Solar Energy Project

Synlight aims to showcase ways to use solar power to generate hydrogen fuel The largest artificial sun ever developed has begun shining at the German Aerospace Center. Called “Synlight,” the artificial sun is designed to test ways to produce environmentally friendly fuel without generating any harmful emissions. According to researchers responsible for Synlight, the artificial sun can produce light that is roughly 10,000 times more intense than the sunlight that naturally reaches the planet’s surface. As such, it could be used as an effective solar energy tool. Artificial sun project…

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Germany and France are leading the way in solar energy

Solar energy is gaining momentum in Europe Germany and France may become leaders of solar energy in Europe, despite their traditionally cloudy climates. In Germany, thousands of buildings have had solar panels installed, with these energy systems providing approximately 7% of the country’s energy last year. France is seeing similar results, especially as solar energy begins to grow more prominent throughout the country. Both Germany and France are growing more aggressive concerning solar power, which may secure the growth of this sector in the coming years. World leaders are looking…

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Germany continues to lead the way on renewable energy

Germany sees a major shift in its energy structure thanks to solar and wind power Of all the countries that have shown interest in renewable energy, few have been able to match the enthusiasm of Germany. The country is currently undergoing an energy transition, through which is it distancing itself from fossil-fuels and embracing clean energy. Both solar and wind power have changed the country’s energy structure, and promise to continue doing so as Germany’s support for these two forms of renewable energy grows. North Sea becomes home for promising…

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Germany sets new renewable energy record

Germany has reached a new milestone in its adoption of clean energy Germany has again set a new record in terms of renewable energy, according to the Fraunhofer Institute. The country has become one of the most active markets for clean energy in the world and has regularly set records in terms of renewable energy production. Over the past few years, Germany has served as an example for what can be accomplished with an aggressive focus on clean energy. The country’s energy grid is considered to be one of the…

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Solar energy feed-in tariffs are a success in Germany

Report shows that feed-in tariffs have been massively successful The Solar Energy Industries Association has released a new report focusing on the solar feed-in tariffs in Germany. The country had established itself as a prominent leader in solar power in recent years, with its success in the solar field largely being powered by its feed-in tariffs. These tariffs allowed a wider demographic to embrace solar power and many homeowners throughout the country were able to take advantage of the financial benefits of these tariffs. The initiative had proven so popular…

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Solar energy reaches grid parity in Germany and Italy

Report shows that solar power has reached a major milestone in both Germany and Italy Consulting firm Eclareon has released a new report that shows that solar energy is not just as expensive as conventional energy in Germany and Italy. Both countries have emerged as strong supporters of solar power in recent years. Economics has played a role in their support of renewable energy in general, as the European financial crisis had pressured both countries to seek out alternatives to increasingly costly fossil-fuels. While supporting solar power has been a…

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Toshiba to break into German solar energy market

Toshiba has plans for Germany Japanese engineering and electronics conglomerate Toshiba has announced that it will be entering the solar energy market of Germany. The company has ambitious plans for solar power and believes that Germany is one of the most attractive markets in the world when it comes to bringing these plans to fruition. Germany is, indeed, quite popular in the solar sector. The country is home to various projects concerning solar power and many energy companies have already established a strong foothold in the market. New partnership could…

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Renewable energy reaches new milestone in Germany

Renewable energy production spikes in early October Wind and solar energy production reached a significant milestone in Germany earlier this month. The country has become a leading force in the solar energy field and has established a formidable foothold in the wind sector. Both forms of clean power have garnered attention from the country’s government as it works to transition away from fossil-fuels and nuclear power. Over the past few years, Germany has become one of the strongest advocates for renewable energy in the world and has become home to…

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Renewable energy surcharge in Germany could be increased

German renewable energy continues to see strong growth Renewable energy has been making strong progress in Germany in recent years. The country launched an aggressive feed-in tariff some years ago to promote the adoption of solar energy. This initiative made Germany the leading power in the solar sector and help boost the awareness of renewable energy in general throughout the country. Germany is currently undergoing something of an energy revolution, often referred to as the Energiewende. The country is moving away from fossil-fuels and, to some degree, nuclear power, hoping…

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Solar energy reaches new heights in Germany

Germany breaks its own solar energy production record Germany is widely considered to be the world’s leader when it comes to solar energy. The country was one of the first to introduce an aggressive feed-in tariff to support the adoption of solar power among homeowners. While this initiative has been relaxed in recent years, solar energy continues to show strong growth throughout the country. This week, the EEX Transparency Platform, a data analysis division of the European Energy Exchange, has announced that the country has broken its previous energy generation…

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Largest rooftop solar energy system in Europe completed in Germany

Massive solar energy system is now complete in Germany Europe’s largest rooftop solar energy system has been completed in Germany. The system is comprised of more than 33,000 photovoltaic modules and boasts of a total energy capacity of 8.1 megawatts, enough to power 1,800 average homes. The system is located atop the Pfennig Logistics distribution center in the Heddesheim municipality, south of Frankfurt. The solar energy system was developed by Wirsol, which typically builds system of this size on open land and not on buildings. System expected to be connected…

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Solar energy market poised for aggressive growth in 2014

Solar Energy on the Rise

Deutsche Bank shows strong faith in solar energy market Solar energy has been making promising progress in some parts of the world, but the global solar market has seen relatively modest growth over the first half of 2013. Outlooks concerning the future growth of the market have been relatively reserved, with many analysts suggesting slow growth for the foreseeable future. Analysts from Germany’s Deutsche Bank, however, have released a new forecast that suggests that the global solar market will see strong growth in 2014. Germany remains an optimistic supporter of…

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Germany set to launch new renewable energy storage initiative

Germany Renewable Energy

Germany continues showing its strength on the renewable energy front Germany is quickly establishing itself as a leading power in the realm of renewable energy. As the country begins to make more use of solar, wind, hydrogen fuel, and other forms of clean power, the need for comprehensive and efficient storage systems is becoming more apparent. In February of this year, the country began focusing more heavily on improving the battery storage technology that was being used for its various solar energy systems. Now, Germany is set to debut the…

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Australia may soon become a leader in solar energy

Solar Energy Australia

Solar energy sector may soon crown a new king Germany is widely considered to be a leader in terms of solar energy. The country’s government has invested heavily into this form of renewable power and Germany was among the first in the world to adopt a very aggressive feed-in tariff that made solar energy all but a staple. Germany may soon be dethroned as the proverbial king of solar energy, however, due to the strong entry Australia is making into the field. Australia could soon become the leading power in…

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Solar energy may solve the financial crisis of Greece

Solar Energy Greece

Greece and Germany team to make use of solar energy Greece continues to struggle with an ongoing economic disaster that was triggered by the financial crisis in Europe. The country is among the hardest hit by the European financial crisis and has shown only modest signs of recovery, many of which continue to be undone by problems that the country cannot control. Greece has been receiving a great deal of attention from the European Union lately due to the struggles it is facing and the economic impact these struggles have…

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