Renewable energy reaches a major milestone in Australia

Australia Renewable Energy

Clean energy can provide power for 70% of Australia’s homes Renewable energy has come to establish a significant presence in Australia. Indeed, clean forms of power, when combined, could actually satisfy most of the country’s energy demand. According to Green Energy Markets’ first Australian Renewable Energy Index, clean power can generate enough electricity to power 70% of Australia’s homes. Once new solar and wind projects reach completion by the end of this year, the clean power sector will be able to generate enough electricity to power 90% of the country’s…

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Solar energy is finding support among homeowners in Australia

Australian homeowners and businesses are showing strong interest in solar energy Solar energy is gaining ground in Australia, despite lacking support from the nation’s government. In Australia, the large-scale renewable energy industry has come to a standstill, with government support being decreased and investors showing a lack of confidence in the sector as a result. Small-scale energy projects, such as household energy systems and those used by businesses, are beginning to gain significant momentum, however. In the coming years, small-scale solar energy systems are expected to become more popular throughout…

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Small-scale solar energy continues to grow in Australia

800 MW of small-scale solar capacity added in Australia throughout 2014 Green Energy Markets has released a report showing that small-scale solar energy capacity reached 800 megawatts of capacity in Australia last year. The country had been a strong supporter of solar power in the past, but recent changes in government policy have reduced this support by a considerable margin. The Australian government sees solar power as a risky investment, which may not be able to accommodate the country’s energy needs in an efficient manner. Government support for solar power…

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Solar energy demand falls in Australia

Australian solar energy sector experiences turbulence Demand for rooftop solar energy systems in Australia has been falling, according to a new report from Green Energy Markets, which was commissioned by the REC Agents Association. Over the past two years, Australia has established itself as a relatively attractive home for solar energy projects. The country is working to distance itself from fossil-fuels to some degree, thus an increased focus on renewable energy. In 2012, Australia crossed the 1 gigawatt threshold of solar energy capacity, but demand for residential solar power systems…

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Rooftop solar energy forecasts updated for Australia

Rooftop solar energy panels

Australia continues to pursue rooftop solar energy Australia has become a strong advocate of solar energy over the years. The country is currently working on a plan to deploy solar energy systems on the rooftops of public buildings in an attempt to cut down on the use of fossil-fuels. Last year, Australia was a leader the world in terms of the installation of small rooftop solar energy systems. This year, the country may fall behind others, according to updated forecasts from Green Energy Markets, a research and advisory firm that…

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