UK plans to privatize its renewable energy funding bank

Green Investment Bank to be privatized in the coming years The UK government has plans to privatize the Green Investment Bank. The financial institution serve as a funding platform that supports various renewable energy projects. The organization was first established in 2012 and has since shown itself capable of funneling funds to innovative energy projects in the UK and elsewhere around the world. Since 2012, the institution has been managed by the UK government, which is now moving the bank into private ownership. The bank has invested more than $2…

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Private investments driving progress in alternative energy

Alternative Energy News - ene.field

Governments shying away from clean energy present the private sector with opportunities Alternative energy has been a on the agenda of government around the world a lot recently. Many countries have  taken bold steps in attempting to mitigate the impact they are have on the environment, citing climate change as a reason behind their adoption of alternative energy. Others consider alternative energy to be an economic issue, focusing on incorporating so called clean energy systems as a way to cut energy costs. Though support for alternative energy has been high,…

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