Geothermal energy is gaining more ground in China

Geothermal Energy - Hot Spring

Oil company begins to break into the geothermal energy market Sinopec, a large state-run oil company in China, has plans to move into geothermal energy. The company recently began drilling hundreds of wells throughout China. Instead of tapping into oil reserves, however, these wells are designed to leverage the potential of geothermal energy. This energy will be used to provide heat for homes in various parts of the country. This heat will not be generated through the use of fossil-fuels, making it environmentally friendly. Northern provinces are experiencing the benefits…

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Solar energy sector is heating up in China

Favorable policies encourage companies to invest in solar energy The Chinese government is taking steps to improve the investment and regulatory environment in the solar energy sector. The country has a strong interest in solar power and how it can be used to reach a higher level of sustainability and economic growth. New policies coming from the government are encouraging Chinese companies to throw more support behind solar power projects that show promise. Hareon Solar is one such company. Hareon Solar to invest nearly $1 billion in a new solar…

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