Toyota to deliver trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells to Seven-Eleven Japan

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Seven-Eleven Store

New trucks designed by Toyota will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cells Japanese automaker has announced that it has formed a new partnership with convenience store chain Seven-Eleven Japan. Through this partnership, Toyota will be providing the retailer with fuel cell trucks. The trucks will be used to transport products from Seven-Eleven delivery centers to the company’s stores. The partnership is part of an effort to show further support for clean transportation, particularly where hydrogen fuel cells are concerned. Companies plan to begin testing new trucks in 2019 Toyota will…

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Toyota to bring a new hydrogen fuel bus to Japan

Toyota teams with Hino Motors to produce a new fuel cell bus for Japan Toyota has teamed with one of its subsidiaries, Hino Motors, to bring a new fuel cell bus to Japan. The bus is based on the hybrid buses that Hino has developed in the past and will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell that has been designed by Toyota. This same fuel cell technology is being used to power another Toyota vehicle, the Mirai, which was launched in Japan late last year. Clean transportation continues to…

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