Honda to commercialize hydrogen powered vehicles by 2015

hydrogen powered vehicles - Honda FX Clarity

Honda has big plans for hydrogen powered vehicles Honda has been one of the chief supporters of hydrogen transportation for several years. The automaker made headlines when it introduced its FCX Clarity in 2008. Since then, the company has been working on improving its fuel cell technology, hoping to make fuel cells more efficient and fit for use on a large scale. Honda is one of the participants in the European Hydrogen Road Tour, where it is showing off some of its latest work in hydrogen transportation. CEO Takanobu Ito…

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EcoVelocity 2011: Honda to show off their FCX Clarity for the first time.

EcoVelocity 2011

As the debut of fuel cell vehicles creeps ever closer, Honda is taking time to show off their hydrogen-powered car in the UK. Honda is calling their vehicle, the FCX Clarity, the world’s first production fuel cell car. While such claims may be little more than bravado considering other auto makers have their own fuel cell vehicles that are scheduled to be released along with the FCX Clarity, the company has always been able to back-up its claims regarding the performance of their cars. Beginning next month, the fuel cell…

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Latest Interbrand report shows Toyota a pioneer in the alternative energy business

Green Energy

Interbrand, a leading brand consultancy firm, has released their latest annual Best Global Brands report. The report investigates which of the world’s top companies are making major headway in the pursuance of alternative energy. Interbrand ranks each company based on the incorporation of green technologies and what they are doing to expand the use of these technologies. This year, the top ranked spot is held by Toyota, reflecting the auto industries push for hydrogen fuel. Honda and Volkswagen are in the top 10, along with Toyota. Hyundai and BMW follow…

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Sexy and eco-friendly!

2012 Honda FCX Clarity

As new, eco-friendly cars begin entering the market, more consumers are finding themselves curious as to whether they live up to all the hype. Battery powered cars have proven to be popular and are performing much more admirably than their predecessors. However, hydrogen powered vehicles are attracting more attention spurred by the promise that hydrogen is just as powerful, if not more so, than oil. At this year’s Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California, people have been able to test drive these alternatively fueled vehicles and get firsthand…

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Honda’s hydrogen powered FCX in first “pace”

Honda has announced that their hydrogen powered FCX Clarity will be their pace car for the 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, Florida. This marks the first time a hydrogen powered vehicle will be used to pace the IZOD IndyCar Series in the U.S. As the pace car, the FCX Clarity will lead competitors through a challenging waterfront circuit in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg. The FCX Clarity is currently only available on a limited retail basis in Southern California and is one of Honda’s key components in…

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