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Honda to commercialize hydrogen powered vehicles by 2015

hydrogen powered vehicles - Honda FCX Clarity

Honda has big plans for hydrogen powered vehicles

Honda has been one of the chief supporters of hydrogen transportation for several years. The automaker made headlines when it introduced its FCX Clarity in 2008. Since then, the company has been working on improving its fuel cell technology, hoping to make fuel cells more efficient and fit for use on a large scale. Honda is one of the participants in the European Hydrogen Road Tour, where it is showing off some of its latest work in hydrogen transportation.

CEO Takanobu Ito highlights automaker’s plans for the future

Late last week, Honda president and CEO Takanobu Ito gave a speech concerning the company’s present and future in Japan. In his speech, It outlined plans to increase sales in the global market, plans that hinge on the commercialization of hydrogen powered vehicles. As part of these plans, Honda has announced that its new hydrogen-powered models will go on sale in the U.S. beginning in 2015.

Fuel cells will help Honda comply with emissions standards

Focus on hydrogen is more than the automakers want to see financial gain in the global market. Honda, as well as other automakers, is being pressured by the world’s governments to produce more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. Standards coming from these governments compel automakers to develop vehicles that produce significantly lower emissions than current models. The good thing about fuel cells, however, is that they can comply with these standards with no trouble at all because they produce zero emissions. Honda’s Ito claims that fuel cell vehicles are the “ultimate, environmentally-responsible vehicle.”

Honda expects to see success with new vehicles

Honda’s FCX Clarity has been generally well-received by consumers in the U.S. The automaker expects to see more enthusiasm from consumers as it introduces its newer hydrogen powered vehicles. In order for these vehicles to be considered a success, however, there must be a fuel infrastructure capable of supporting them. In the U.S., the only infrastructure capable of supporting the modest commercialization of hydrogen-powered vehicles exists in California.

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EcoVelocity 2011: Honda to show off their FCX Clarity for the first time.

As the debut of fuel cell vehicles creeps ever closer, Honda is taking time to show off their hydrogen-powered car in the UK. Honda is calling their vehicle, the FCX Clarity, the world’s first production fuel cell car. While such claims may be little more than bravado considering other auto makers have their own fuel cell vehicles that are scheduled to be released along with the FCX Clarity, the company has always been able to back-up its claims regarding the performance of their cars. Beginning next month, the fuel cell will really be put to the test as Honda opens the door for public test drives.

Honda’s exhibition will be at the EcoVelocity 2011 convention, which will be held at the Battersea Power Station in South London. Car manufacturers from all over the world flock to the motor festival each year to show off their latest models and the promising new technologies being used in said models. This year will be no different, but visitors will certainly get their fill of fuel cells as the technology seems to be dominating the auto industry.

Honda is expected to release the specifications of the FCX Clarity at the event. The company has kept the details regarding their hydrogen-powered veEcoVelocity 2011hicle under wraps, a feat that has generated a good deal of hype as consumers speculate what other features the company could imbue into their car.

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Latest Interbrand report shows Toyota a pioneer in the alternative energy business

Interbrand, a leading brand consultancy firm, has released their latest annual Best Global Brands report. The report investigates which of the world’s top companies are making major headway in the pursuance of alternative energy. Interbrand ranks each company based on the incorporation of green technologies and what they are doing to expand the use of these technologies. This year, the top ranked spot is held by Toyota, reflecting the auto industries push for hydrogen fuel.

Honda and Volkswagen are in the top 10, along with Toyota. Hyundai and BMW follow at ranks 11 and 12, respectively. Their place in the rankings is backed by an enormous effort from the auto industry to commercialize hydrogen fuel cells. Most companies are developing hydrogen-powered vehicles and will be releasing them to the market in 2014. Several have also thrown their weight behind the establishment of a hydrogen infrastructure, which will be used to power the fuel cell revolution.

While Interbrand’s ratings may reflect positively on the companies in the report, skepticism regarding alternative fuel is still palpable. There are many challenges facing the commercialization of these fuels, most of which lies in technology. These challenges will have to be overcome in the next few years if Green Energyfuels like hydrogen are to see use from the public.

Interbrand’s report can be found here, along with a summary of their methodology and other such information.

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Sexy and eco-friendly!

As new, eco-friendly cars begin entering the market, more consumers are finding themselves curious as to whether they live up to all the hype. Battery powered cars have proven to be popular and are performing much more admirably than their predecessors. However, hydrogen powered vehicles are attracting more attention spurred by the promise that hydrogen is just as powerful, if not more so, than oil. At this year’s Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California, people have been able to test drive these alternatively fueled vehicles and get firsthand experience with the fuel of the future.

The expo is the largest showcase of new-era vehicles in the U.S. Thousands of companies and developers of so-called “green” technologies flock to the event to show off the latest and greatest of what the industry has to offer. The event featured vehicles that run on natural gas, biofuels, electricity, hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid engines.

Honda showed off their much anticipated 2012 FCX Clarity. The vehicle recently garnered international acclaim after being chosen as the

2012  Honda FCX Clarity

official pace car for the 2011 Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

Interest in alternative fuels has never been higher than it is today. Many are clamoring for a break away from oil whether for economic or environmental concerns. Demand has driven automakers to produce more eco-friendly vehicles, but the majority of companies favor hydrogen over other alternative fuels.

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Honda’s hydrogen powered FCX in first “pace”

Honda has announced that their hydrogen powered FCX Clarity will be their pace car for the 2011 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, Florida. This marks the first time a hydrogen powered vehicle will be used to pace the IZOD IndyCar Series in the U.S. As the pace car, the FCX Clarity will lead competitors through a challenging waterfront circuit in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg.

The FCX Clarity is currently only available on a limited retail basis in Southern California and is one of Honda’s key components in developing successful, emissions free vehicles.

The car is powered by an electric engine, whose electricity is generated from a hydrogen fuel cell. Using the fuel cell, Honda has managed to make the vehicle three times more efficient than similar, gasoline powered cars. The only emissions coming from the exhaust are water and vapor. Honda has also developed their own style of fuel cell, called the V Flow Fuel Cell, which requires less space and is more durable than other models.

The FCX Clarity is expected to be used as a pace care for several other races throughout the weekend after its debut. It will also participate in the annual Festival of States Parade being held on March 24 in St. Petersburg.

Honda hydrogen powered FCX Clarity

Honda has previously used the FCX Clarity as the pace car for the 2008 Indy Japan event. The manufacturer hopes to use the vehicle in future events worldwide.

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