First of its kind hydrogen power technology is coming to Australia

Hydrogen power technology - Australia - Australian Flag

Northern Oil plans to use hydrogen to generate electricity in a way that’s novel to Australia. An industrial-scale pilot plant is gearing up for the use of a new hydrogen power technology that will be the first of its kind in Australia. The technology will be used at Northern Oils Advance Biofuels Refinery, near Gladstone, Australia and is expected to start in 2019. The Gladstone Refinery was the first of its type in the country when it was built back in 2017. Northern Oil’s Advanced Biofuels Refinery produces renewable fuel.…

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France has a new plan to embrace hydrogen energy

Hydrogen energy - France Flag

New plan calls for the incorporation of fuel cells in various industries France has an ambitious new plan to make itself more environmentally friendly. Environment minister Nicholas Hulot has introduced a new plan that calls for the country to rely more heavily on hydrogen energy. The plan would have all of France embrace fuel cells in order to accommodate the demand for electrical power. France aims to be a leading fuel cell market The plan intends to make France a leader in fuel cell technology, which is expected to have…

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Impala Platinum works to develop new hydrogen fuel products

Hydrogen Fuel - Working together

Impala Platinum teams with Department of Science and Technology Impala Platinum, a platinum producer based in South Africa, has teamed with the Department of Science and Technology to help develop new products that make use of hydrogen fuel. Through this partnership, the two parties are expected to find ways to boost the adoption of hydrogen fuel as a form of energy throughout South Africa. The country has been working to establish its own fuel cell infrastructure recently, due to the fact that it is home to the majority of the…

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Fuel cell industry seeing growing demand, but shrinking private equity

Fuelcell Energy Industry Financial News

Fuel cell industry may be unable to meet the demand it sees Hydrogen fuel cells are gaining more attention all over the world. The energy systems have won acclaim for their ability to generate large amounts of clean electricity without producing any harmful emissions into the environment. While fuel cells are often criticized for their efficiency and cost, they are still gaining ground in countries where breaking away from fossil-fuels is considered a priority. This attention is good news for the global fuel cell industry, which could see major financial…

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Offshore wind energy system receives investments from Japanese companies

Offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy system gains support in Japan A new, expansive offshore wind energy system may find a home off the coat of Japan. A number of companies, including the Toshiba Corporation, Hitachi Zosen Corporation, JFE Steel, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Toa Corp.., and Toyo Construction, are expected to invest approximately $1.53 billion in the new energy system that may be taking form over the next year. The investments coming from these companies will support the development of new offshore wind turbines that will be used as part of a massive…

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Hydrogen economy in South Carolina may pay off, eventually

Clean Technology Market

South Carolina continues to establish its hydrogen economy In South Carolina, taxpayers and a handful of companies have devoted more than $100 million to establishing a hydrogen economy in the state. State officials claim that a hydrogen economy will have a dramatic and positive impact on the state as a whole, stimulating the economy and removing the need for fossil-fuels. Thus far, the initiative has created approximately 200 jobs, two new hydrogen fuel stations, and a number of research projects that aim to make fuel cells more viable for use…

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German researchers experimenting with chemical compound that could be used for hydrogen storage

Hydrogen Fuel Research

Researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, have been experimenting with a chemical compound first patented by Air Products, a hydrogen production company, back in 2004. Known as N-ethylcarbazole, the chemical dates back to World War I where it was used in chemical weapons. Instead of focusing on its potential applications in weaponry, German scientists are trying to use the chemical for hydrogen storage. The research is in line with Germany’s continued pursuance of hydrogen energy as a potential replacement to fossil-fuels and nuclear power. Researchers claim that the chemical…

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Horizon teams with ITM Power to make more energy efficient fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has entered into a commercial alliance with ITM Power, one of the world’s most innovative fuel cell developers, to help bring new electrolyzer technologies to the global market. ITM Power has been on the front lines of fuel cell development for years, producing several breakthroughs in design and technology. The company’s electrolyzers have made fuel cells more efficient, making the energy systems more appealing for commercial use. Horizon believes that this technology will be a good complement to its line…

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F-Cell and Battery+Storage to appear concurrently at the Stuttgart Trade Fair this year

Stuttgart Trade Fair 2012

As hydrogen energy attracts more attention, the problems of the energy are entering the limelight. Storage, efficiency and cost are the three main problems currently keeping hydrogen energy from global incorporation. In the early years of hydrogen, these problems were largely ignored because the energy was not considered viable. As more companies come to favor hydrogen over other alternative to fossil-fuel, however, they are hard pressed to find solutions to these problems. In an effort to expedite this absolution, the F-Cell industry forum and the new Battery+Storage conference and trade…

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South Korean scientists develop new material that could solve the problem of hydrogen storage

Hydrogen Fuel Research

In an effort to solve the problem of efficient hydrogen storage, scientists in South Korea have developed a new material that could contain the gas effectively. The development comes from scientists working with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The material could eliminate the need for large containers for hydrogen gas, because it absorbs a great deal of the gas and allows for efficient distribution. Storage is one of the problems currently preventing hydrogen fuel from finding mainstream acceptance around the world. Scientists believe that the microporous material could…

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Breakthrough catalyst concept from University of California, Berkeley could mean more affordable fuel cells

University of California, Berkeley

Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have developed a new way to make catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells. Catalysts are a primary component of fuel cells and allow for the production of hydrogen gas. The problem with conventional catalysts is that they are made of platinum, one of the most expensive materials in the world. Electrolysis – the process in which hydrogen is produced – is only possible because of defects in catalyst materials. As such, the majority of the material is wasted. This simple fact has kept hydrogen…

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Department of Energy seeks feedback on the commercial readiness of hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel News

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Program has issued a call for information regarding the commercial readiness of hydrogen fuel cells. The program was established to investigate the viability of hydrogen energy and promote projects centering on this form of power. The Department of Energy has had a turbulent relationship with hydrogen in general, decrying it as a distant future answer for an immediate problem in early 2011. That ideology changed quickly, however, as the agency was confronted with the very real possibility of hydrogen becoming the preferred…

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European Union report shows that 70% of new energy generated in the region comes from renewable sources

Report - Renewable Energy Supported by Country

According to a new report from the European Union, wind and solar power were responsible for approximately 70% of new power installation throughout the European region in 2011. Many European countries have been working alternative energy into their power schemes and most have seen a great deal of success. Wind and solar have been a popular option for these countries, but hydrogen has made a significant impact as well. The European Union has been aggressively pushing alternative energy projects and these efforts seem to be paying off. The report notes…

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BMW says that the future of hydrogen energy is in the hands of consumers

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Outlook

Though most major automakers are investing heavily into hydrogen fuel cell technology, BMW says that consumers will be the ones that decide whether hydrogen, as energy, has a future. The automaker has supported fuel cells in the past and believes that hydrogen is a viable alternative to oil, but claims that automakers won’t see success with the technology through efforts of brute force. Regardless of all the money that automakers have dumped into improving fuel cells and making hydrogen-powered cars, consumers hold the keys to the ultimate fate of the…

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HyperSolar announces new technology breakthrough that hybridizes hydrogen energy with solar power

Hybrid Energy System

As more industries look to adopt hydrogen energy, the issue of producing the fuel is gaining attention. Hydrogen fuel cells have garnered acclaim for their performance and ability to generate large amounts of electricity, but they have also been criticized for not being entirely environmentally friendly. Fuel cells require electricity to operate, which is often drawn from an energy grid that is powered by fossil-fuels. HyperSolar, an alternative energy systems development company, has a plan to solve this problem through the use of solar power. The company has developed new…

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Apple reveals information regarding ambitious alternative energy projects

apple alternative energy projects

Last year, Apple announced plans to make its North Carolina data center completely sustainable through the use of solar energy. Details regarding the project had been scarce until this month when the technology company released information regarding the endeavor. The data center will be powered by a solar farm that spans 100 acres of land and will produce more than 20 megawatts of electricity. The data center will not be not only be powered by solar energy like initially believes, however, it will also draw energy from hydrogen fuel cells.…

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