German cities to receive new buses powered by fuel cells

Fuel Cells in Transportation - Image of Cologne Germany

Van Hool to deliver new hydrogen-powered buses to Cologne and Wuppertal Van Hool, a bus manufacturer based in Belgium, has announced that it will be selling 40 hydrogen-powered buses to the German cities of Cologne and Wuppertal. According to Van Hool, this is the largest order of its kind that has been made in Europe. The buses will operate using electricity generated by their hydrogen fuel cells. These energy systems produce no harmful emissions, allowing the buses to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. New buses expected to be delivered…

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Hydrogen fuel buses may be coming to Scotland

Scotland is gaining more attention for its hydrogen fuel initiatives Aberdeen, Scotland, may soon receive a new fleet of buses that run on hydrogen fuel, thanks to funding being offered by the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. The city has become quite the hub of activity when it comes to clean transportation. Hyundai has been showing off its hydrogen-powered SUV in Aberdeen as part of an initiative to expose political officials and consumers to the benefits that such a vehicle represents. Aberdeen has been showing strong interest in…

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Ballard to aid in bringing hydrogen fuel to China’s public transit

Hydrogen fuel partnership formed between Ballard and Azure Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced a multi-year deal with Azure Hydrogen, a company working to commercialize hydrogen fuel in China. Per the deal, Ballard will be offering its services to Azure Hydrogen in its efforts to introduce fuel cells to public transportation in China. The company has been in negotiation with several Chinese bus manufacturers, working to promote the possible benefits of fuel cells and how they can be used to cut costs in the…

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Hydrogen fuel buses becoming common in Europe

Europe Hydrogen Fuel Buses

Ballard has high hopes for hydrogen fuel in European transit Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, is all too familiar with the role fuel cells are beginning to play in the world of transportation. These energy systems are becoming more attractive replacements for conventional engines that have long powered a wide range of vehicles. Part of the reason that fuel cells are gaining so much attention is due to their environmentally friendly nature, as they produce no harmful emissions. The economic benefits of these energy systems…

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Hydrogen fuel buses coming to University of Delaware

hydrogen fuel bus

University of Delaware seeks to expand hydrogen fuel cell program Students at the University of Delaware will soon benefit from two new buses from Ebus that will be introduced to the school’s expanding hydrogen fuel cell program. The university has been home for promising fuel cell research, especially in the realm of transportation. The school already boasts of two hydrogen-powered buses in its fleet, but is eager to expand this number in order to collect more data on how hydrogen fuel could be used in public transportation. Two additional buses…

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HyCologne showcases capabilities of hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Bus

Hydrogen fuel and public transportation are becoming intertwined Hydrogen fuel is becoming a very popular subject in the world of transportation. The global auto industry has become a strong supporter of hydrogen fuel cells as the energy source for future vehicles, but fuel cells are also gaining ground in the realm of public transit. As governments become more concerned over matters of the environment, they are beginning to show more support for hydrogen fuel and its use in transportation. Hydrogen-powered buses are becoming more common, especially in Europe, due to…

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Hydrogen fuel cells finding traction in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, Scotland - Hydrogen Fuel

Aberdeen becoming a hub for hydrogen fuel cell development The United Kingdom is home to a number of hydrogen fuel projects that aim to test the viability of fuel cells in the realm of transportation. Many of these projects are focused on highlighting the potential benefits that fuel cells could bring to future vehicles, making them more efficient and less damaging to the environment. Aberdeen, Scotland, is quickly becoming the capital for fuel cell development within the United Kingdom, and much of the country’s progress with hydrogen fuel is coming…

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Hawaii and US military make alternative energy news

Alternative Energy News US Military Hawaii

  Hawaii’s second largest employer – the US military – is behind the push for more alternative fuels and green advances in the state. The Department of Defense (DOD) has spent $6.5 billion in the year 2011in Hawaii alone and backs up the state’s green goals, making big alternative energy news. Investing in the future The Pentagon is set to spend billions to back up green initiatives, and military presence in HI means spending some of that money there. The military is a boon for the Hawaiian economy and the…

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Ballard Power to send new hydrogen-powered buses to Brazil

Hydrogen Fuel - Hydrogen Powered Bus

 Ballard Power Systems, a Canadian manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced the signing of a Letter of Intent with the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sao Paulo has been looking into adopting alternative energy for its public transportation system for some time. In signing the agreement, Ballard will be providing the city with 25 hydrogen-powered buses that are scheduled to be delivered early this year. Sao Paulo aims to use these new buses as a stepping stone to further hydrogen energy projects in the near future. Sao Paulo’s efforts to…

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Federal government to grant Department of Energy more money to pursue alternative energy projects in 2012

US Alternative Energy

In late 2010, the Obama administration announced that it would be making cuts to the research and development fund for the Department of Energy for the 2011 fiscal year. The move was criticized by alternative energy advocates throughout the nation. As a result of the cuts, hydrogen, solar and wind power were forced to rely heavily on private investments in order to progress. Over the course of the year, however, the Department of Energy has taken a new stance on alternative energy, backed heavily by claims made by the Department…

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Solar-powered hydrogen fuel station coming to Michigan

Solar Farm Example

Michigan may soon be getting its own hydrogen fuel station, as the state’s Mass Transportation Authority adopts hydrogen as its favored alternative energy. Earlier in the year, the agency had placed an order for a fleet of buses that ran on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The buses were meant to be an answer to the environmental concerns in the state while also cutting operating costs associated with public transit. After seeing buses that ran on hydrogen, however, the agency cancelled its previous order and purchased a fleet of fuel cell buses…

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Ford H2 shuttle buses are a big hit!

Columbia, South Carolina, is the latest to join a growing number of cities spanning the world that are using hydrogen fuel cells to power their public transit systems. On Wednesday, the city showed off its new H2 shuttle bus that will operate throughout the city on several routes over the next year. Officials are showing their support of clean energies and say that incorporating alternative fuel technologies will help the Midlands move toward an energy efficient future. The new Ford Hydrogen V-10 E-450 was on display at City Hall on…

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Toyota and ANA join forces for eco-friendly transportation

Toyota and the Japanese airline ANA are joining forces in a venture promoting eco-friendly means of transportation. The deal was made this previous week, where Toyota eco-friendly cars will be set to transport passengers of the airport. The passengers from Narita will be the ones accommodated by these Toyota eco-friendly cars after their trips from some states of the US like Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco and New York, as well as some cities in Europe like Paris, London and Frankfurt. These cars will be included in the Welcome-Home Limousine Taxi Service…

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